What should I get

Discussion in 'General' started by onlykron, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Im not quite sure what i want

    The illadelph coil condensors are sick and are 800$, i was thinking about getting one of those. But for 500$ I could get a Phire coil condensor which is the exact same thing exept made by phire, it's coil is detachable to, it also looks the same. I have never used a coil condensor before but I like a cold bong hit. I have a few differnt phire bongs at my house and i love them

    SO what do you think?
  2. I have had my Illadelph coil for about two years and it doesn't get much use. It's nice because it certainly is cooler and it's very different from your average tube...but they are expensive (overpriced) for what they are. They epoxy on a marble (atleast Illadelph does) on the back of the tube to seal up the glycerine hole and mine has fallen off...it's easy to re-seal but something you should absolutely not have to do on a 600+ dollar piece. Remember...location, location, location....if theres a good shop near you check them out, I'd look for Toro or SG personally.

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