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What should I get

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bigdankkush, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Okay so currently I have like $35. I really want a vape, but idk much about them. Should I just go ahead and buy a cheapo one that isn't electronic, or should I save up a little for an electric one? Is a non electric one my more safe than anything else? Should I get a bubbler instead?
  2. All I have now is homemade shit.
  3. I love vaping from time to time. I did buy a glass vap that attached to glass on glass water pipes and it was worthless. My el cheap electric one works fine for me. I think I paid $100 new but they are on Craigslist for much less.

    I would say go electric.

    Regarding the bubbler, if you don't already have one they are sick man. I don't personally have one all my water pipes are tubes but a handheld bubbler is awesome my buddy has one and we smoke the hell out of it. In fact it's probably the hardest working piece in the house.
  4. Save up for the vape, 'tis what I'm doing.
    I'm saving for the Arizer Extreme Q & a grinder.
    I'll be on probation soon so I won't be tempted to spend money on bud.
  5. Get a bubbler for 25-35$
  6. Also the thing about bubblers bongs etc is I don't know if I really like the feeling of being fucked up.. I mean I love it but idk if I can handle it I always get paranoid
  7. buy something worthwhile and pay once.
    buy something cheap and pay for as long as you own it.

  8. I mean I can make a cheap vape last until I can afford a better one.. But idk also in looking for health benefits
  9. You could just buy $35 in weed and get papers, lol
  10. then get yourself a gym membership... for health benefits.
  11. Do not buy a $35 vape. You might as well just throw that cash away!

    I'd just save up and buy something good.
  12. What do you mean you don't like getting fucked up? Like too high? We've all been there, it goes away eventually. I used to think everything was a dream and it would trip me out, but now I'm fine. After about my 25th time smoking, it stopped. Anyways, bongs and bubblers won't get you any more fucked up. With a bong just low small bowls and take small hits, or with a bubbler, it's the exact same as a regular pipe, but with water in it to cool the smoke. I'd say get a bubbler. 35-50 bucks. I can pickem up at a gas station in my town..
  13. Yeah I was wondering about that too. I tried to get too fucked up the other day and I came close but I have to smoke like 8 bowls now

  14. no it's just that lately every time I smoke out of a bong I always think I'm gonna die somehow.
  15. Wait till you have 200 and buy a dah Buddha
  16. Id take your 35, quadrupel that, then look for a vaporizer. You dont really wanna cheap out on vapes. Like some others have said i'd just roll with a pipe, or bong..
  17. I would say buy a bubbler or save your money so that you can get a good quality vape.

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