What should i get?

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  1. Hey guys, im trying to save up for a nice bong that I can hold in my car once i get one and i want to know which you guys think?
    The highest im willing to go is 360
    a few notable ones im considering are the stemline by soverignty or the fritted glass perc by dave goldstien
    which of those is smoother/more durable?
    are there any others within that price range that are better?
    Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. check out the thread "help me pick out an expensive bong" there's a lot of information on those pieces you mentioned there still being discussed, as well as others in that price range to consider.
  3. Wait, as in leave and USE in your car, or leave in your car for storage, and using it somewhere else?

    Either way, I wouldn't want a used bong in my car at any time. Sounds like a good way of getting caught and getting a paraphernalia charge.
  4. this is gonna be a waste of $360.

    dont buy a nice tube if you cant keep it inside.
  5. Wiggibow- Thanks for the advice, ill make sure to check it out!
    DrSheldon- I wouldnt really leave it in my car, i just wouldnt bring it anywhere without my car; i would put it in my car if i was taking it anywhere, not just carry it around because that would be just stupid.
    Duran- Any in particular that stand out/are particularly good?
    Cky- sorry my wording was a little bit confusing, i would keep it inside and occasionally use it inside, i would just only use it out of my house in a car, or someone elses house.

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