What should i get to add more red spectrum????

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    Hi I have a viparspectra v300 light(I no its not the best) and ive used it for veg. heard that is not the best in flower. I have one of those metal domes for lights( like you would use for reptile, if need to use it). What would be a good light to buy for $20ish or under that would be best for flowering to use with my currant light. My room is 24" x 32". Heat can be a issue on really warm days. Here's my girls now :
  2. $20? there isnt a light in the world that cost $20 that will be even close to that vipar.
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  3. I just want to add another light with it cause heard they are not great on red spectrum(flowering). any suggestions???
  4. You have beautiful plant btw.
  5. That's actually 2 but thanks!!! first time doing this thing ive studied up ok! learned a lot so far.
  6. If you want to add red I think you can get just red ufo lights or something

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