what should i get my stoner friend for her birthday?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spectr, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Yeah i know, kinda silly thread topic.
    But i seriously want to hear any ideas from the community.

    So i can't decide what to get her.
    I know lots of people are getting her weed (stoner friends are so creative aren't they) and i wanted to get her something different that is kinda unique.
    I have a budget of about 40$ and was thinking about getting her this nice zippo because she would use it for a while and it would be kinda special. Then i learned some people HATE smoking with zippos because of taste or how the flame works compared to bics
    Currently she had a decent bong and 2 nice bowls and i can't afford a better piece for her, besides what she has already is special to her for a few reasons.

    So should i take a chance and go for the zippo+something else or does anyone have any better ideas?
    Basically i want it to be unique, last a bit longer than a gram or 2 of dank, and be kinda special.

    Also she and i have been close friends for a long time and im not trying to make it special in a date me (or "other" things) kinda way. (Just thought i would toss that bit in there cuz i know someone will say something along those lines)

    Sorry for the lengthy post by the way. Just wanted to get my ideas in there just so ya could get an idea of what I'm thinking of.

    Thanks in advanced for the ideas

    Peace! :bongin:
  2. Uhm..... Weed? /thread.
  3. How about a nice beanie or hoodie or something?
    Or some article of clothing/accessory that is made out of hemp
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  5. So you talk about those other stoners not bein creative or whateva and you want to be unique but all you can come up with is things for bud. Why don't you actually be unique and get her something like a jacket, novelty item, jewelry, etc. We don't know her so we obviously don't know her interests, but I'm sure she has some interests other than cannabis.

  6. Not a bad idea.
    know any places i could get hemp stuff online?

  7. It's a joke I'm messing with ya
  8. put a basket, or some little hoopla thing together, with whole bunch of goodies :D such as. . . maybe a cheap little pipe, a gram in a cute little container, some "stoner" snacks or candies she likes..
    im sure with 40 bucks you can get somethinf fun together
    good luck!

  9. Haha naw man I just wrote that out kinda wrong. But then yea, you said she makes sure she looks pretty so get her some clothes/jewelry. Maybe a really nice scarf? That'd be cool
  10. Get a mini hookah my friend had one and it was nice

  11. She does love a nice scarf.
    Probably could get a zippo/+scarf+a gram n toss in favorite munchy food to form a gift bundle sorta thing.

    What about things that don't cost much? i know some special gifts i have gotten coats next to none but it was the thought and effort that went into them that made it nice.
  12. grinder my man. or a dildo
  13. Hard cock ?
  14. A nice lighter is a good idea. You should try and find one of those really nice jet lighters which can change their flame (so go from jet to normal flame), they're pretty cool. Dunno what they're called but Hashbean420 uses one...
  15. You should take her out for dinner at like McDonald's or something then go somewhere secluded and toke up, then have hot stoned sex with her.
  16. you beat me to it , you fuckLOL

    Well in essence, always can give her.. hm...40 bux.... hmm...Seeds?

    Weed friends creative u say by giving weed?

    Then you shall be the most creative

    Buy some seeds for 40 bux, be like.. They all got u bud but i got you the infinite source, yeauh boi

    ^ I love how cheap mc donalds sounds rofl.. 40 bucks blow me get zooted and that 40 bucks cook her a meal then ;p Omg but u sais no date.

  17. If you're sure she hates the taste of lighters you could get her a beeline, which is like a thin piece of string covered in bee honey or something. It burns really slowly and has a sweet taste. I've never used it personally so I don't know how much it costs or how long it takes to deliver but it'd be a sweet present if I got it :)
  18. Get her one of those digital photo frames.

    As one of her 4 main interests you put "making sure she looks pretty." So I'm guessing she likes pictures.

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