What should i get as a first piece

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  1. ive been looking around and it seems like the best option is a bubbler (small enough to hide and still good) or a small bong

    i dont really want to spend more then 30$ and i dont know where to buy them really, or what would be a good one

    Mountain Jam Mini Blue Fumed Glass Water Pipe

    im thinking of buying that but its out of stock

    help please
  2. if your main concern is being concealed i'd aim to buy a nice thick bowl at a local headshop
  3. My first piece was a 25$ bowl and I still have it. Worked great for hiding it from my parents :D
  4. i found a couple great places to hide a a bong or bubbler as long as its under 9 inches so hiding isnt much of a problem, so id rather get something with water
  5. Definitely a bowl. I got a glass chillum for my first piece and it was alright I suppose...But I wish I had gotten a bowl instead.
  6. My first piece (and the first piece of most everyone else I know) was a glass pipe.

    If you don't have one, I'd definitely want to get one of those before a bubbler or a bong.

    Etsy is a fantastic place for glass pipes.
  7. This^
  8. a glass chillum was my first pipe, fit in my watch pocket and had a large bowl for passing around. also was cheap so it could be disposed of if needed

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