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What should I expect in court/Experiences

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by solidsessionss, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I got busted for possession of marijuana and possession of parphernalia. As I was

    waiting to turn on the street I live on I saw a cop stop right before my street. I was

    smoking a roach and as soon as I saw the cop I put it on the floor and stomped on it

    before I turned onto my street. He pulled me over but not for the roach, my headlight

    was out. He smelt the marijuana and I gave him the roach. He told me to get out of the

    car and put my hands behind my back. I sat in his police car as he called another police

    officer and a K-9 unit. The dog smelt weed of course cause I was smoking chronic. So

    that gave them probable cause. They found my pipe in a sock under my seat and an

    empty container of spice that wasn't mine but what could I do? The pipe most likely

    has marijuana residue. They took my pipe and roach duh and they let me go. I had to

    leave my car there and since I was so close to my house they let me walk home.

    This is my first offence and I was wondering what I should expect. Fines, probation,

    commuinity service? Im hoping for not to pay out my ass in fines cause I don't have

    cash to pay a fucking expensive fine. I'd rather do probation or community service.

    Sorry this is so long but I appreciate you reading this and responding Im kinda

  2. Im from AK which is alaska not arkansas, but Im going to school in Arizona, small town called Yuma
  3. I got arrested for possession March 19, 2011. I get off Dec 2.

    Basically, you may have to take some classes and attend some NA meetings. You will pay fines and court costs. You will probably have 6 months drug testing.

    It sucks, but it'll be over before you know it.

    All in all, i've probably payed ~ $1500 in fines and fees.
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    ask the judge if you can pay your fine/ court cost through community service. i'v saved a few hundred dollars that way.

    i live in VA i think they are alittle stricter with such a serious crime, i got 1 year probation(no color code but i had to take some awareness class shit) and around 75 hours community service. i think i paid around 300 dollars for fines/court cost/that damn class. all for having one gram and a bubbler.

    P.S that was also my first(and only) drug charge so i took the first offenders program as part of a deal.
  5. Why did you openly give the officer the roach? Make him work his ass off to find it if he even did find it
  6. First thing he did was smell the pot. I knew he would get probable cause I just thought it would help my situation if I was honest haha
  7. Thank you this helps me alot. Thats kinda the way I want it to go, kinda shitty but better than jail time and paying out my ass.

  8. fuck being honest with cops. they say be honest and we might be able to "help you out a bit." They say that shit all the time, but they will book ur ass and give u tickets anyways. hide the shit if u can, i woulda ate that roach to be quite honest, and had the pipe in my shoe
  9. From what I gather, you had a headlight out (bad idea to smoke weed in your car if a light is out, but hey live and learn), they pulled you over, you freaked and gave them a roach, giving them the ability to search your car, they find a pipe, and LET YOU GO? So you didn't get arrested? Also, if they don't do like impound paperwork for the car, arizona may have just gotten a new undercover car. Sad but true.

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