What should I expect blades?

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  1. Im having 4 wisdom teeth pulled that are growing into my jaw, and two of the K9s (the ones in front that are pointy, anyone whose had them pulled knows they're long as hell.)

    I had 2 of the K9s pulled before, but im gonna have 6 pulled this time, and im going under for it.

    What should I expect blades?
  2. I had my two K9s pulled along with 5-6 others, its really not that bad man. The laughing gas is pretty awesome as well. Also my dentist was hot and always put her tits in my face!
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    Hopefully a pill bottle full of Vicodin, with 2 refills.....win.
  4. Make sure they give you local anesthesia, and not just numbing shit. BTW you're going to have a bloody mouth for a few days and won't be able to smoke for a week or so.

    Make edibles.
  5. I already planned to make edibles, and I heard how painful it was gonna be. I have norcos tho, so im not gonna flip if I don't get any vics, but I don't see why I wouldnt
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    Gotta love hot dentists, my dentist is a DIME. And its not bad just buy some good herb to help out with the pain.
  7. Fudge you
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    Im sure it will :smoking:

    All the more reason for strong perscription painkillers :cool:

  9. Lol they hurt pretty bad, and Prescription painkillers never really helped me. But I have a "17 Scar going down my back from Scoliosis surgery 2 months ago. Gotta love Oxy 40's! :D

    Brian's back 2.jpg
    Here it is :eek:
  10. Here's what to expect op, your gnu to driver there walk in the door to the office and hear the desk bitch say "hello, sign in here please" you will then sit down and pull out your copy of highflier magazine while you wait. The mother next to you with her two boys is going to say"move over here boys pot is bad for you" that's where you slam your magazine like in the movies and say "hayllll nawww" and turn your head in a threatening mannor towards the mother but you don't react you just stare that birch down. Then you'll hear your name called to go back, you do but ever so cautiously because of rumors you've heard, you'll enter the cold room with a green chair and many pliers that will be used. You sit down as the cold leather shocks your skin and gives you goosebumps. Then dr. Bond comes in. He says I'm bond, dr. Bond hahahaha in a hearty laugh. You pull a completely fake laugh while you think "man fuck this faggot". Soon his assistant walks in, her name is sapphire wearing a white nurse hat with a blouse showing cleavage but not much, and a short skirt so when she bends over your see her black lace thong. The dr and sapphire come over and give you the gas that makes you laugh then he says hold him still nurse, she gives you a suddel wink and brushes her hand across your pants close to your penis. And licks her lip slowly with her tangerine flavored lip gloss and you think " ohh maiii gawddd". Dr bond goes to work on your teeth but you don't feel anything. Then sapphire pulls your zipper down slowly sensually, then you would never expect what happens next as she is bending her head over your zipper dr bond pulls your tooth which causes you to jerk and you cock comes out and slaps sapphire across the face. Then dr bond notices your cock and ten you two proceed to double team sapphire and video tape it and it gets on pornhub.
  11. I can't even recall if I was in pain after I got my wisdom teeth removed. If you've previously had teeth pulled and were provided with medication after, then you have your answer already.

    The only thing I hated from having my wisdom teeth pulled was having my whole mouth/lip area numb after the surgery.

    Have you seen videos of people pulling teeth? It's cool shit. They just pop right out... lol
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    Remind me to rep you later when I get home for taking the time for a pic =) oxys? Lucky bastard haha

    Also, reppin, you just made my day haha, I got you later too man

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