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what should i dooooo!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by highon, May 27, 2010.

  1. ok so ive smoked once before. awesome :| but i wanna do it again so i gotta go to my "dealers" who are acctually just my sis's freinds who smoke and can get me weed. i dont wanna look like a complete jelly head goin over on a weekday to get weed plus they have jobs on weekdays and my sis doesnt like it wen i hang out with them anyway, what shud i do?
  2. Why not just ask your sis to have xxxxx call you in reference to the matter at hand, at their convenience? Don't push too hard, perhaps save up and get enough for a small stash. :cool::smoking:
  3. Why would it matter what day it is other than their availability? Just get ahold of them and find a time/place that works. The whole thing with your sister, IMO if you want to smoke again then go ahead thats your choice, just know there may be some issues between you and your sis (if thats why she doesn't like you hanging with them).
  4. See if you can get ahold of one or all of them and see if they wouldn't mind meeting up. Don't sound like they have to do it or else in all probability they won't. Also, buy a large amount so you won't have to bother them often.
  5. idk if she will be getting to go out very much anymore cus she got in trouble but i dont want to piss her off cus their her freinds more than mine
  6. Just talk to them and ask for a connection from them. Also, don't say "cus" instead of because, and it's they're, not their. I am a Nazi of basic grammar.
  7. :smoking: DO WHATEVER YOU NEED TO DO TO SMOKE WEED. Sorry for the caps, I feel very strongly about this.
  8. Just call/text them and tell them you want to buy and ask them if they could and when they would be available.
  9. HAHA:hello: +1 rep
  10. Just have a friend with ya if you are getting from someone you don't really know. AND DONT GIVE THEM THE MONEY IF THEY SAY THEY WILL BE RIGHT BACK.
  11. Pay special attention to this comment.Very important, because you dont wanna get your money does happen.
  12. Definately offer to smoke them out. This may be a little worse to your sis but it alleviates all awkwardness because it makes it a mutual help situation. Also, you are more likely to get a connect (thus foregoing your sisters friends and making your relationship with her better.) if they get to know you better and realize that you are serious about it.
  13. i know and trust them but i also know not to give them the money before i see the product
  14. ask your sis to get some for you and offer to smoke her up as well. she'll might be able to get a better deal, but only do this if your sis blazes/

  15. Also, make sure you know your local prices for quality, don't let them rip you off. Money is an evil thing that people always try to get more and more of.:(
  16. #16 Carhartt, May 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2010
    ask one of your sisters friends to take you with them on their next pickup and ask to be introduced to the dealer, get his/her number and call him/her up next time u need to pickup!

    or just ask for the dealers number and explain that you got their number off a friend, 1st pickup maybe sketchy but after that it should be smooth sailing!

    perhaps ask around for different prices too or pickup. take it to someone who smokes regulary and show him/her how much u got and how much u payed for and ask them if you got a good deal or not

    if its not a good deal its up to you to decide weither you want to buy again, maybe buy once more from them and if they fuck you over again, dont buy from them ever again!
  17. hahaha, despite what she tried to get me to believe, she does blaze, i got high my 1st time with her and her freinds acctually and when i get weed were gonna toke on my roof haha

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