What should I do

Discussion in 'General' started by thelizardkin, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Punch her in the face.

    Problem solved.

    Just kidding there's not much you can do but tank the akwardness like a pro.
  2. Do what you do when you say what you wanna say.
  3. Then don't open your mouth until you know what's gonna come out for sure.
  4. Stick it in her bum

  5. Should I tell her how I feel about it I know she got mad at him beacuse he was upset with her going to homecoming with someone else now this is different than that but still
  6. And what is your feeling?
  7. I read your other thread and i'm like you. I'm not that good at getting girls, keep searching when you find one that's for you it'll be worth. Go for different girls and tell your friend he's a douche. Don't avoid her if you still have a chance of fucking her ;)
  8. hmm wat do you act like when you are drunk or on benzos?

    i find that my true self comes out, the approach may not work for you cuz it may affect you differently, but hey, could be a good novel approach

  9. Idk almost betrayed I did so much for her I listened to her I smoked her up I talked to her and she had to of seen it when she was upset other girls would ask me what's wrong people defiantly saw something hell the dude who fucked her told me a few weeks earlier that she likes guys like me and I should try and fuck her then later he told me when I talk she gets this look in her eye that she wants to fuck my brains out

  10. But that was the thing I didn't just want to fuck her I wanted more I saw her as more than some everyday slut

  11. Well I've never been that drunk but let's just say I can't take benzos ever
  12. well idk man, i suck ass at talking to girls too, maybe it's the pussy on the pedestal thing.

    it sounds like you were trying really hard for her approval

  13. really? they never gave them to you for anxiety?

    they work beautifully for anxiety, at least for some people
  14. I think you should get the skinks on her ass! SICK EM REX!

  15. Well I took ambien for insomnia and I could not control myself at all Like my parents took me to the hospital beacuse they thought I was having a psychotic breakdown oh btw I'm glad you got back your account
  16. Betrayed, huh... well, that's not a good feeling, is it?

    So... should you be talking about bad feelings with her?

    I think not.

    Try to think of the feeling that you have regarding her, that is of 'good'.

    Some good feeling you have... talk about THAT instead.

  17. oh from the ambien right? ya i heard of some crazy reactions to some of those sleep meds.

    i took trazodone before and was just out of it. apparently some people get priaprism, look it up, erection that's painful and lasts more than 4 hours, they consider it a serious surgery :eek:

    that shit is freaky

  18. I'm actually not even supposed to know the dude told me in graphic detail and then he said don't say anything to her I think she'll get really upset and I feel like every time I see her I'll see him you know what I mean

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