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what should i do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingStun10, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. hey guys my throat is inflamed and it hurts to swallow, do u think if i hit my mflb it would be ok or should i avoid this all together?
  2. Hit that shit.
    Doctors tomorrow, but a lil vapin' will do the body good.
  3. put a couple of drops of nyquil on a bowl and ull be allright alright lol
  4. Prctice moderation.
  5. alright thanks for your input, the last couple days ive been throwing up, had a bad headache and no energy at today my throat is inflamed, hasnt been a fun week for me
  6. I'd just wait man, it's not like you have to smoke weed right now. take a little break from it and get better.
  7. I use my mflb whenever i have a sore throat, the vapor does zero damage and the high makes you forget you even have a throat. Do it.
  8. go to town with throat drops. coat your throat and wham bam hit that shit.
  9. lol awesome, goin to pack a bowl now
  10. Yes, gargle with some mouthwash or cepacol. Then vape vape vape your way to relief.
  11. Hit your vape if you want, it might irritate your throat a bit, though. Definitely one of the best ways to get stoned when you're sick, it shouldn't irritate your throat too much, if it does at all.
  12. yeah my mflb cures my hangovers it's so smooth. whenever i try smoking a bowl in the morning after a night of drinking i feel like throwing up. but the box cures that. put keef in there, it's even better.
  13. thanks alot guys, im suckin on a halls atm but then ima go vape
  14. i had a full bowl of keif the other day and it looks like it turned into hash? or could just be garbage idk
  15. the FULL bowl might of done it, i don't think that much should burn in there...but idk just a guess.
  16. Ye it kinda made a mess but it cleaned easy with the brush
  17. [quote name='"letsmokeasweet"']put a couple of drops of nyquil on a bowl and ull be allright alright lol[/quote]

    Anyone? Wtf lol

  18. I've heard of soaking bud in cough syrup and then letting it dry, but I've never tried it myself. I think it only works with Codeine but I have heard people around here talk about doing it with Nyquil too.
  19. drink some green tea and then hit that green herb! heheh
  20. vong it up dude! it feels cleaner than breathing fresh air!

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