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  1. So today my Dad breaks the news to me that he is now engaged to his bitch of a girl friend. This woman is terrible. In fact, calling her a woman would be an insult to a whole gender. She's just plain rude. She's ugly (I'm not usually one to base someone on appearance, but I'll make an exception here). She constantly treats my brother and I like shit, and my Dad doesn't say a word about it, or he'll side with her, even though she's wrong.

    My brother and I haven't really spelled it out, but we've made it obvious we don't like this bitch. I could move in full time with my Mom, but I don't really want to hurt my Dad. My brother is 17 and I'm 18, so the fact my Dad expects us both to stay there part time is kind of bullshit.

    This isn't the first time he's done this to us either. His last marriage lasted barely over a year. We didn't like that whore either, but we were a lot younger at the time. I'm really pissed my Dad didn't even bother to ask either of us what we though about him marrying this pig.

    Here's why I hate the bitch, aside from what I said earlier:
    She has, on many occasions, called my brother and I stupid to our face and right in front of my Father. I graduated with Honors and a 3.63 GPA, so I must be retarded.:confused:

    This woman has purposely tried to ruin the life of her ex husband
    She's an alcoholic
    She has threatened to throw me out of a house that she doesn't even own.
    She constantly rips on my Mom, my Grandma, and other family members that she hasn't interacted with for more than 10 minutes consecutively.
    She expects everyone to treat her like a queen, even though she's a cunt

    Sorry for the long rant guys, but I figured you guys can help me out.
  2. Move in with your mother.
  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vHRMeRszw4]Oh Man, Oh God, Oh Man - YouTube[/ame]
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    Thanks asshole. I probably should have mentioned I'm depressed and suicidal now, so it won't take much to push me over the edge. This whole situation might be enough to do it.

    We can do without the name calling! 420!

  5. OH now i feel REALLY sorry for you

    your dad obviously loves the woman, why can't you just suck it up and be happy for him. how bad can it honestly be? she's RUDE? well bring it up then, damn. tell her you don't appreciate it, and if you REALLY can't deal with it then i guess the only thing you can do is move out.

    or you could complain on a message board, i heard that actually works you know.
  6. dude tell your dad, and if he still refuses to listen to his own sons, move in with your mom untill he realizes what hes doing. if itll hurt your dad he'll realize that the tramp he's engaged to will have to go,at least you can only hope that. gl to you man.

    STFU colostomy your a dick. you need to learn some damn self respect.

  7. Why can't I be happy for him? Because he ignores every negative thing about her. Trust me, her negatives out weigh her positives. I would be happy if she showed anyone a shred of respect once in a while. If you're just going to be a prick, don't post. Seriously. Notice I asked for suggestions. He knows she's rude. He's said stuff to her before about it, but I guess he just doesn't care anymore.

  8. Thanks for some good advice. Talking to my Dad is not easy at all. He also has issues with alcohol, and he can be a huge prick. I know if I say anything I'll get the whole "I'm being selfish spiel."
  9. id say, tell him what you plan to do and explain to him why your gunna move out for the time being, if he gets mad or anything just say your doing what you think is best for him and you only want him ( and the rest of your family ) to be happy. my parents are becoming alcoholics ( as have many of my family members ) and i can kinda picture what your going through. just try to be as calm as possible and try not to argue
  10. Tell her you don't like her and tell him her faults.
    Threaten to move in with your mom for good if he does a stupid move.
    Give her HELL.
  11. You don't want to hurt your dad? That's fucking bullshit. He obviously loves this broad more than you. I say move in with your mother and make your dad deal with it, or you can stop complaining and deal with it.
  12. This!!! I know this sounds childish but you could really fuck with her head by way of pranks and messing with her stuff. Secretly of course. Make the best out of it
  13. She has threatened to kick me out, in her words "if I was ever caught with drugs." I may just "drop" a small baggie on the floor and watch the fireworks. She's the kind of bitch that would have me arrested for a gram though, so I've been hesitant to do that.
  14. ^^
    1. fil la bag with crushed mint/ some other coocking herb.
    2. say * guess whats im my pocket *
    3. drop the bag out, she'll freak
    4. , mabey she'l lcall the cops before acually looking at it,
    5. whos the fucking retard now?
  15. Get a job and your own place or deal with or live with your mom. This was a self answerable question man a bunch of pot heads aren't going to help you.
  16. Your dad is a human too he's not just gonna live his life by what his kids want especially since like you said you are 17 and 18 you can't be mad at him for that especially when you have the option of leaving. It takes awhile for people to mature up and realize that their parents are people and that they have needs, dreams, desires, and problems just like you. If he's been divorced twice things obviously have been a little rough.

    I don't see why you're bitchin you're 18 and have the choice/chance to bounce then why don't you? if this woman is making you depressed and suicidal just GTFO of the situation before you or her blows it into some huge fucked up problem that may make a rift between you and your dad forever. Look at the long run.

  17. And that has made you suicidal?

    I'm gonna be honest mate, I don't think that counts as a valid reason. I gave you a very good suggestion as well, so stop being a baby.
  18. Well here's my $.02 on the situation.
    You say they are both alcoholics, well if that's the case then they are most likely "feeding" off of each others issues. If your dad is truly blind by his fiancee's other issues it really wont change. He sounds like he has some problems also if he is a heavy drinker and in denial about her and getting into his third marriage.

    My advice is take door number 2 and head to your moms place. You can even play it off with your dad by saying that since he is getting married that they deserve the home and the time to themselves as newlyweds. That saves you from looking bad to your dad and you will look like the bigger person in comparison to his fiancee. Also and more importantly you don't burn your bridge with your dad.

    It's pretty common for step parents to talk shit about their spouses/fiancee's ex's. Normally it's a jealousy thing because the ex had them first.

    Take the high road and save yourself and your brother a lot of grief.
  19. Stop being a baby. Your.not.datin her your dad is. Move out if you have problems or just stfu my moms married a guy I hate ssince like I was 5(20 now) he does heroine alot n I hate him. Dont see me crying and saying im suicidal grow some balls

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