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What should i do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrendSetta, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. been smoking for 2.5 yrs now and i recently just brought half oz of dank and now it's all gone my tolerance is through the roof i mean a .6 joint will get me stoned for 30-45 mins and .5 bong will do me for 45 mins ( drousy high after that for 15 mins ) it's just making me more tired and lethargic throughout the day so i'm deciding it's best to take a T- break and sort some shit out, save some cash do some things... I'm not taking weed for one month and after that probably wont buy for another 6 weeks and i'm still studying so when i have holidays i'll buy a batch then and i should be getting extremely blazed again rather than a mild buzz for a pathetic length of time. When i go back to it, shall i? (when i first starting smoking one small spliff of shit weed would get me mashed for 4 hours) get some standard which you americans call middies? or get some dank? which we call peng? as i want to be stoned out my face but comfortably as once i bonged 4.-.5 dank then ate a 1 gram firecracker and got weirdly high and felt slightly sick and had to sleep it off, so what would you recccomend? thanks!:smoke:
  2. Yea, you need to switch it up. I used to consume huge quantities of regs, but a quarter zip of SD would last a week fuck me up with 2 hits.

    I recommend searching for and buying the best weed around. It will last 3x longer than a shitbag of shitregs. Or grow your own :cool:
  3. If you've got a problem with how much weed you smoke, stop using joints and bongs. What a waste, .1 gets me stoned for 2 hrs with hotknifes.
  4. it could just be the type of weed that made you feel lethargic. indicas, sativas and hybrids all give you an extremely different feeling.
  5. Yeah man exactly, most weed in the UK is indica dominant as its much easier to grow indoors.

  6. not necessarily...50 dollars worth of decent regs will last me a good 4-6 days being high non-stop unless im sleeping or out.
    a 50 bag of dank will only last me about 3 days tops ...but realistically about 2

  7. dude bongs are by no means a waste! its one of the best methods to conserve bud.
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    I alway felt the bowls were big so I would pack it more so I would waste more herb, idk but realisticly vaping is the best, but it not for everyone some people don't feel it or it feels like a different high
  9. 3 rips off a bong wit some dank herb would have me on my ass for a couple hours. Try switching up ur strain or something. Maybe some white widow would do ya some good ;)

  10. vaping just doesnt deliver that extra "oomph!" u get with a nice bong....the high is better imho...and if u just pack snappers and have a good glass screen it will go a long way.
  11. #11 AlphApe, Aug 12, 2011
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    try some sativas man!!
    The triedness/mid-buzz your feeling came around after your giggles started being less frequent right? Thats just Tolerance I believe, now your feeling the real indica high. I've been smoking indica dominant strains since I first started and I always feel like that after I smoke, its just the way it is I'm afraid.

    Oh, and after your t-break hit up some of the HIGHEST peng. You'll ethier feel totally fucked and whitey, or have the best high of your life. I guarantee it.

    Good luck

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