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    So grasscity i just need some input in this situation.. So my mom has had sleep problems her entire life. She only gets like a hour or 2 each night and works at 5 am everyday. whenever i visit her she is usually hostile/mean, and high strung all the time. Its really frustrating since i keep suggesting she see her doctor but apparently she isn't too fond of her doctor. She does eat relatively healthy but im starting to worry about her. Is there anything else i can do or should i just leave it be?

    edit:maybe im worrying too much and no one gives a fuck? either way though this needed to get off my chest lol
  2. 1 or 2 hours of sleep?
    i think you skipped a word so im just checking

    ummm thats a tough situation
    does she sleep sp little because she cant sleep or she doesnt have time
  3. give her weed at night so she can fall asleep better.

  4. yeah literally she only sleeps like a hour or 2.. She constantly wakes up in the middle of sleep its fucked.

  5. Solid idea but shes really against pot lol
  6. Yeah foreal she needs weed cause thats what happened to me because before weed was in my life I would stay up all day and sleep in the afternoon but when I had weed it made me pass out quick but now with it I stay up haha
  7. She should see a doctor. Sleeping only a few hours a day is unhealthy.
  8. Find her a new doctor?
  9. "special" brownie? Lmao

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