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What should i do

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pipesmith, May 13, 2010.

  1. I have a new bong i want to try out and my freind said he would smoke me up but he smokes blunts most of the time so who decides what we smoke
  2. ask him and say you just got a new one, invite him to try it and he might even be honored you asked him
  3. I dont see the problem. Just say you want to try out your new bong? If he says no get your own weed.
  4. ya but thats the thing it basicly is my own weed since when i smoked him up i dident get to smoke any of that weed

    but the other thing its homemade i wanna try this one out first to find out if i like bongs instead of blowing 100$ on a glass bong
  5. Glass Vs. Homemade-There will be differences in pieces, your home made will never hit as beautiful as a glass on glass roor, hell, if your lucky it might stand up to an acrylic. But if your trying to use plastic to beat glass your going to be mighty disappointed. Especially if your lungs and body are used to those kind of pieces. And most definately if you are familiar with any add ons (Percs, ice catchers etc...) I use home made for quick and easy tokes but usually I use glass and nothing else. I get a more pure taste of what i'm smoking plus I feel its healthier, I also use glass to store my buds/ground bud in. But I'm not hating on anyone that uses acrylics because they are good too. I just have a preferance for glass for purity and health purposes.

    About the weed - if you only smoke weed then you probably don't want to smoke a blunt because of the tobacco content. (I have astmah so I face this issue in the toke community) To be safe i would take a little of my own smoke just in case a disagreement arises, that way you won't be at his house with nothing to smoke. Some people have a policy of BYOB (Bring your own buds) when they smoke but the worst could happen is suggest the use of a bong, if he rejects then suggest a joint or pipe, if that still fails then break out your own buds and the two of you can still enjoy the company but use the smoke preference your both used to.
  6. Thanks but i think ill ask and if he says no just smoke a blunt since i have re thought it and i have never smoked a blunt before so might as well try and i smokes cigs,tobbaco pipes,cigars so thats not a problem

    either that or bribe him
  7. you can see by my name, i like blunts. I agree with you though, if you want to get a better high and save weed, sure get a glass. But there is just something about holding a blunt in my hands and smoking it that I love. Besides, even though there is tobacco on the wrap it's not going to kill you like cigs do. I have yet to smoke a joint, i'll get to that sometime in my life.
  8. Christening a friends bong should be an honor, not torture.

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