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  1. well i found this little guy/girl in my backyard and im guessing its just from a seed out of some not so quality buds and it happened to start growing. But the reason i am posting this is because i want ur opinion on what to do. should i just let it be and see what happens? should i take care of it and try to get what i can out of it? or finally should i just get rid of it for safety reasons

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  2. Those are difficult questions to ask on a forum, all that matters is what you wanna do. Do you wanna take care of it and get some good weed? Do you wanna leave it alone and hope it gives you something smokable? Do you wanna get rid of it for safety reasons?

    If you wanna care for it, it might be difficult to move the plant into better soil without damaging the roots.
  3. ya im just asking here cus i was kinda hoping u guys could kinda let me know what my best options are. like is it even worth trying to take care of it? how tall a plant gets outside and ways of keeping it short like low stress training i know works for indoor plants but i have no clue about growing outdoors. and is even worth the risk trying to save such a scronny plant?
  4. Only you can say if it's worth taking care of.
    It's alive, it might survive to harvest without any help. Or it might die of neglect sometime before then.

    No one can say how tall it will get. You can LST it by tying it down to a stake or brick, or use tent pegs. You can also top it to keep it a bit shorter.

    There's not much risk if you leave it alone, just say you've never seen it before.

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