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  1. Alright so i have two events coming up.

    This weekend I am going to a drum circle where usually 200+ people attend. Its people playing drums in the middle. People dancing then just people scattered throughout the beach just chilling on towels. Should I do acid, shrooms(never done), E(never done) or just stick to the ganja?

    Then there is a light show coming up where you put on 3D glasses and watch laser lights which is fucking amazing listen to pink floyd usually or led zeppelin. What should I do on this occasion Shrooms (never done), Acid, E(never done), or just stick to the herb.

  2. Shrooms+rhythmic drumming= an otherworldly trip

    Shrooms, for sure.
  3. Hippy flip for the light show, trust me :)
    Or just do tabs..

    Pop ur cid, pop ur tabs
    smoke dat weed. It will be one of the best experences of your life
  4. I don't want to mix. Cause i haven't done E yet. I heard its hard enough to act sober on E don't want to imagine how it must be while tripping at the same time.
  5. LSD...!!! :hippie:
  6. im alot more social when im rolling on acid. e would be great for the drum circle and light show. did e, acid, and shrooms thursday and friday at a drum circle, light show, band stage and nature hike.
  7. i dont think the people are going to care at the places you're going. and its easy as hell to act sober on e.

  8. Yes! Only thing is you will talk a lot more, I would recommend hippy or candy flip for the light show, honestly E is amazing for lights.. and E for the first time is just completely fucking amazing.
  9. The thing is i tend to be a little uncomfortable in public when I'm on LSD. But then again E would make me not give a shit. :p

  10. Sorry for double post but this is also a bump.

    How do you guys suggest i candy flip?

    First take E then when it starts kicking in take LSD? or visa versa? How do you guys candy flip?

    Also I am a little uncomfortable in public places when tripping will E take that away? I'm guessing it's less likely to have a bad trip if i were to take E at the same time.

    Ive never done E so lol should be intense :D But fuck it you only live once.
  11. Sorry no dosage advice, so I can't tell you how to do it.

    Personally for me I do acid/shrooms first, wait till I feel it then drop the MDMA.

    EDIT: and yea the MDMA basically guarantees a positive trip.
  12. take them all at the same time out in the woods. that what i'd do
  13. at harvest fest i was candy flipping for most of it. drums circles on lsd and mdma are awesome and seeing shows like that was one of the most incredible times ever. especially the 3d parts.

    harvest was technically my 2nd time dropping acid (im lumping days in together here, ive dropped at 2 festies so far) and it was my first time trying molly and rolls.

    i didnt know what to really expect from the molly or rolls so i started off small. i had a couple finger prints of molly in the evening and then a tenth capsule late at night/early in morning. the next day though i had a bit more molly and then a white crown during wookiefoot. and WOW:D it was so amazing. i definitely reccomend ya try candy flipping man, its wonderful. and when ppl around ya are too ya just feel the greatest loving vibes.

    i really dont think youll need to worry about acting sober as long as you dont go crazy, like acting stupid and gettin yourself in trouble. almost every single person is gonna be fucked up so no authority is really gonna try to bust ppl just having fun.

    oh and im very jealous of that 200+ drum circle, i just bought my own djembe today from mother rhythm and im loving it so much. and got a hell of a deal on it
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    Looks like I am gonna go candy flipping. :p

    Any tips?
  15. Have fun! I've only candy flipped once, but it was awesome. I felt like GOD, for lack of a better word. Sounds like fun, wish I could go lol.
  16. have a bottle or jug or canteen, some container of water cause youre gonna be thirsty and even if youre not you need to drink water anyway.

    orange juice is really great to help your trip and itll get some sugars and that stuff in your body so no low blood sugar

    or fruit is great too if you can have any with ya. like oranges or apples

    and if you wanna spread some good vibes bring a bag of wine with and play slap the bag with everyone
  17. id just do ganja and shrooms.
  18. dont worry bout it being your first time its gunna be sick dude

    i candyflipped the first time i did acid and it was also only my second time doing e

  19. Lol what is slap the bag?
  20. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not sure if I would be conformable peaking on mushrooms around 200 random people, especially if it was my first shroom adventure.

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