what should i do??

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  1. ive posted a thread before, about how i moved my plant that was about a week old from 24 hour cfl light to the window sill (which gets about 12 hours light now)

    i wanted to know if i should just leave it on the window sill and wait for it to bud naturally, or move it back to 12/12 artificial light

    my plant is about a month old now, about 5 inches tall, hasnt shown signs of budding (although it should since its been on 12 hour daylight for most of its life)

    what should i do?
  2. Your statement doesn't make sense???!!! :(

    You state that you JUST moved your plant from 24 hour CFL lighting to your window sill, then you say it's been on 12 hours of daylight most of it's life? Do you MEAN, you've been giving it 12 hours of sunlight AND THEN moving it into 12 hours of CFL???
    If that's the case, your plant probably wont show signs of budding or sexing for about 3 more weeks. The 12 hour dark period "tricks" your plant into thinking Winter is coming and must therefor "bud" in order to reproduce before it dies.
    Good Luck! :smoke:
  3. It would probably benefit the plant more if it was placed under a couple of 2700k cfls for 12/12. Keep the lamps as close as possible without touching the tops. Sitting in the window sill it's getting indirect lighting at best.

  4. what i meant was, when it sprouted, it was under 24 hours of cfl, then at a week old, i put it on the windowsill, which now since its fall its about 12 hours of light, and its been there ever since (plant is about 1 month old now) so its been on the windowsill for about 3 weeks.

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