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  1. I just moved to an upperclass suburb. The only way you can get bud is knowing high schoolers who know people in the city. Typically, you cant but any measured unit, just a "dub". You would think a "dub" would be a "double dime" and run you $20, but it almost always $25-30. Usually, its about 2-3 grams, based on the quality.

    Well I ended up getting a phone call the other day from a dude asking me if I wanted a dub for 25. He said he was a friend of a friend of mine. I accepted and picked it up. It seemed really heavy in both looks and weight, but I didn't ask questions. I went straight to my friend's house and put the sack on his scale. 6.2 grams! I still cant believe it. I smoked it, and its definately the common high mids around here.

    I feel guilty. I'm not one to screw people over. Especially if they're hooking me up in the first place. The kid said he "deals every now and then" so I'm sure he's fairly knowledgable. I still have his number, should I make sure he knows how much he sold to me? I feel like he could have grabbed the wrong bag. Then again, he could have just been trying to get rid of it or something. Your thoughts?
  2. I'd count it as a win. He must have looked at it so I'm sure he knew how much it weighed or at least about what it weighed. Probably just hooking you up.
  3. if he sold it to you then its fair, its not your falt if he did grab the wrong bag. try buying off him again and if its still fat then you might have your #1 dealer

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