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What should i DO????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by vailtoker2012, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. So I've smoked only this year, and have never bought my own stash. I just buy off other friends usually who have lots. Now i wanna start to buy my own stuff. What type u reccomend. Any favorite stains, that are NOT wicked expensive, so not like some crazy dank, stuff. But affordable and still good. Mids. Also how much should i buy.
  2. wait 1st up how do you know ur gonna get a selection of strains??

    ive been smoking in europe for over 3 years now and last week was the first time i got to chose
  3. I'm not saying i'll be able to get n e thing. But if you have ever been to the university of Colorado, they have a very large smoking scene. One of the largest in the nation. So i have to believe that i won't be forced to smoke schwag everytime. And when i buy off my friends, often times they have some good quality. (really good)
  4. The best half O i ever got was in was looked like frosted mini hitter quitter...Califronia, Colorado, Washington , Texas in my opinion are the best states in USA to find Good Shit...Unfortunatly i dont live in either states hahah..
    keep blazn homies

  5. Well thats good to hear!!:hello::hello::D:D
  6. Yeah your not gonna just have a selection, get whatever you can get, and post it here.
  7. aight, if u say so. I got some free stuff today from a friend, i put a thread w/ pics in Toking Tools. I was just given about half an O, of ok bud. three pipes, pretty sweet. not the greatest bud, but its freeee.
  8. i would buy a gram or two of dank. Then buy a half ounce of mids or less and mix them together and you will have some potent weight. thats what i do and it lasts me awhile. We have good mids in texas
  9. unless you go to a dispensary you cant really choose what you want. you can choose between hooks but most hooks dont have more then 1 or 2 strains. i live in sacramento, la, and portland, all very stoner areas, yet no one (except dispensaries) has a "selection" of bud to choose.

    im not trying to dis you at all, just enlighten a little.

    a free half O is a great deal no matter what kind of bud it is. you have some great friends man. none of my friends would give me a half O.
  10. Hey thanks guys, for all the input, I was actually asking in more of a way of stuff to look for, that you really liked, that you may have seen in the Denver/Boulder area. And my friend gave the stuff to me, cause he got a super deal on it, and knowing that i was getting into it, he gave me some spare pipes that he doesn't use anymore, and some ok BUD, but its free so:D:D:smoke:. We are gonna smoke it together this summer so it should be fun.

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