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    so its my day off which started out good. i got to work on my car and just chill, do a few things. i got 2gs for 3o which was a good deal. after smoking i decide to go to LA fitness and get a free trial. well i go in and its the usual bullshit from the salesmen and the pressuring. so he tells me he will charge me 75 for a registration fee instead of 149 and 30 monthly. i agreed to go with it and i tell him that im going to Australia for a month and 2 weeks. he tells me he can put the account on hold for no charge, even gets the manager on the phone to confirm. so after i gave him my liscence and debit card, i read the receipt and showing he charged 149. so i tell him i didn't want that, i wanted the 75 deal cause iwas in college and he tried to play dumb and say i thought you wanted the 149 deal choice cuz it was the better deal and more conveniant blablabla 75 extra aint going to hurt ya. It was basically "i charged you this much and theres nothing you can do about" and i just kept reiterating that i didnt want what he charged. i feel like i was tricked into it.
    fuck@n douchebag

    should i go back and talk to the manager

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  2. Yeah man, file a complaint with the management. That's bullshit.

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