What should I do...?

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  1. What should I do that won't be detected in a saliva or urine test?

    And I wanna get high, lol.

    I don't really want to try and fool the test, just stay "semi-clean" until then. Its just a pre-employment drug test.
  2. nutmeg, dxm, salvia, spice herbs, etc etc are all drugs you can take without being detected. dxm has a chance of giving false positives for pcp and opiates though.
  3. DXM will get you high for sure. Take 300-400 mg's of DXM. Zicam Cough Max is the choice for me. Make sure to have a chaser and keep the room cool. Lay in your bed and let your mind wonder. :D
  4. I would love to get ahold of some acid. Well according to Erowid, its a rarity to be tested for.

    I'll probably be doing some DXM soon.
  5. im pretty sure shrooms are hard to detect but i don't know if its impossible
  6. Yeah, I love DXM. Lol, I take used to take 600 regularly.
  7. dosing dxm regularly isn't good for you lol. shrooms come up in standard drug test as well as PCP, cocaine, opiates, and weed. i think that's it....

    but yeah it's extremely hard/rare to test for lsd so you can dose lsd and you i'm pretty sure you won't get caught
  8. If I could find any.

    And I don't do DXM anymore.

    But I'm going to tomorrow. I wish I knew where to find Zicam, but I guess I'll be doing the Robo capsules. That's gonna suck to have to eat all of those.
  9. i would just extract it. it's easy and you don't really need much and you will love yourself for doing it. if you plan to extract just gonna tell you that railing the powder will do nothing for you, you would have to eat it

  10. no they dont

    standard drug tests are PCP, Opiates, Cocaine, Marijuana, Amphetamines/Methamphetamines

    anything not there your most likely golden unless the company uses a more advanced kit
  11. I'm gonna go with my old buddy DXM.

    I really don't have the time for an extraction, so I think the cough gels are what I'm going to do.

    I want to eventually do an extraction though.

    I'll probably post a trip report as I'm doing it, if I can remember to. My friend is doing it along side me as well.

    I need to find some acid around here though. I'd love to trip on that. Haha

    Also, Erowid says MDMA may show up as an Amphetamine. Is that rare, or should I stay away from it for now?
  12. im gunna go with....
    doesnt show up on any tests
  13. Yeah, but that's boring.
  14. yeah
    why are u gettin tested?
  15. Its just a pre-employment test that I'm gonna have to do.

    Good job though.

    I just want to be clean for the test without having to pull any "pee in a cup for me" tricks, lol.
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    HERE YOU GO sorry for the mistake kalimist....
  17. yeah, the thing with acid is it has an extremely short half-life, so you'd pretty much have to take the test while tripping to fail it. it is usually out of your system 100% by the time you're past the afterglow.
  18. exactly, so even with acid, you're straight man ;)
  19. lol..i read this thread title and i thought to myself "do some bomb cid"..then i clicked it and i was right :smoking:

    I'd look into shrooms and RC's too... have fun bro
  20. Read my other thread. I did some addies tonight. I'm gonna get shrooms soon though. I've never tried them, but I'll have a sitter present so should be fun. I also will be doing acid as soon as I can find it, haha.

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