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What should i do

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hashman74, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. My house was robbed last night while i was gone. got home and noticed they took my xbox360, my stereo system, all my movies, and most importantly 2 pounds of og kush. :eek: little advice please
  2. Holy shit, man, that's a fucking ridiculous loss... Don't even know what to say...
  3. Do you have insurance?
    If you do hit them up, say all the things that got taken (besides the weed)
    then chalk up the 2 lbs. as a loss and invest in a lock box for your next big
  4. Damn bro I got my house broken into and my 360 stolen but I got it back when my dealer said some kids asked to buy his call of duty game the same day and I put two and two togethor and next thing yah know a cop goes to the kids house and gets my shit for me.

    Now i doubt your gonna have a cop retrieve your 2 pounds of weed but do some investigative work and look for clues you never know what might solve the mystery. I watched alot of scoobydoo.
  5. ya dont realy care about the electronics i have insurance. but the loss of that much bud makes me wanna curl up in the fetal position and cry:cry:
  6. Damn, I feel your pain. I think stealing is probably the most cowardly and most devastating thing someone can do to you. They just waltz in and take shit you worked hard for, but you aren't there...its just lame.

    I feel for you, man. Hope you find out who did it and get some justice (in whatever form you like).
  7. One of my friends moms broke into my house and stole my sterio system. Yes here MOM did it.
    She sold it for crack money, and i knew the guy she sold it to.
    I took the jacks off her traylor and put about a cup of gasoline in one of her tires.
    the traylor turned into a teeter totter and about a month later the gas ate threw here tire and it poped while she was driving.
    She gave the guy his money back and i got my system back.
    I know its not the best way to deal with a problem, but i was PISSED.:mad:

    Ask aroud, find out who did it, and give them hell.
    Also, check any local pawn shops for your stuff.
  8. did it look like someone just randomly chose your house and happened to score a bunch of electronics and weed that were laying around ??

    or did it look like someone knew your house, knew where you kept things. did you have the weed in a special place where no one would find it ? or was it just laying in your closet somewhere

    you may not think friends/family would steal from you - until it happens to you

    i learned this lesson the hard way - one of my closest friends had been stealing money and weed from my moms room ( $500 for the record ) and money and weed from me

    the fact that my dad had recently died didn't help - i fealt like he died, and she was all alone and being taken advantage of by my "buddy"

    i almost KILLED him.....................i'm not exagerating
  9. Somebody better get shot.
  10. why do you have 2 pounds?
    sometimes people with that much weed roll with bad crowds..? sucks though. sorry hope you get a gun
  11. i had 2 pounds cuz i grow and just harvested it but nobody knows that i grow besides myself its not like i sell......
  12. That fucking sucks. Do you have an idea who did it? Like do you think it was personal or just a random person. Anyways, if you know any dealers around, ask them if they have been offered your bud. Probably will try to get rid of 2lbs pretty quick.
  13. damn dude wish you luck in finding tha scumbags

  14. I wouldn't steal, but if I did jack that much kush I would smoke most of it.
  15. It's Bat Night my friend.

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