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What should I do

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mochaisnut213, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. So I found my dads stash and I know he tokes a lot and I'm pretty sure he knows I do cause I've been stoned with him a lot. Should I tell him I know he smokes or just leave it. Cause if I do I may get free weed.
  2. Its an awkward situation and if he was comfortable talking about it he would bring it up; he's not as dumb or clueless as you probably think. If he never brings it up, wait until you move out the house and get your feet planted to talk about it I think :)
  3. He may also be pissed cause i took some of his stash
  4. aha you pinched your dads shit thats 2 funny one thing if you you guys were both open about it... go get some of you own bud pack or roll up whatever you like spark and pass :)
  5. I was thinking about buying an 8th and just leaving it in his drawer to like reimburse him idk I think it'd be funny. And he'd know it came from me
  6. actually that seems like a better plan
  7. Yeah man don't pass up the chance to blaze with your parents. I had the same situation somewhat with my dad and after that we got alot closer and went camping and to movies stoned. Weed can definately turn your parent into a friend.
  8. a friend of mine stole a quarter pound from his dad and almost got his arms broken

  9. "HOLY SHIT"

    in response to both parts of that story.

    kind of messed up.

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