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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stoner_boy, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. As a beginner what does everyone do when they grow? how do they start off germinating do they just whack them in the ground or do that wet tissue thing or are there other ways?

    When they've finished germinating and have sprouted and they've been put in pots then what do you do you just let them do there own thing or do u whack them under lights. i know about harvesting so i do't need any info on that so i should br ok.

    i know some basics and i have got a alot of research going but i just need a rough idea not an essay just a couple of notes thats all.

    Thanks alot and happy tokin!
  2. Hey man, When i first started growing i felt the same way.. i didnt know what to do. But after testing and everything ive figured out that it is best to germinate in a plastic bag with et papertowels. when u do it this way vs just planting them you come out with more healthy and more plants ive germinated 10 of them and ive just planted 10 of them.. the ones that i germinated came out about 8 good plants and when i planted them in the soil they came out about 5-6 plants.. so all in all it is worth the time to germinate them
  3. I planted two seeds into two seperate 1" rockwool cubes which were treated with a very weak solution of formulex and ph corrected water. Both seeds were feminised so i have no worries about male n females. I also added a small solution of liquid oxygen to the water which i soaked the 1" rockwool cubes in, within 4 / 5 days the breaker leaves and shoots are thro and look really well.

    This is my method & have always had 100% success with it, never had one failing using this method, giving me more seeds for the next time i want a fresh batch.

    I prefer clones, germinate 1 or 2 seeds, grow a mother and strip it down & gtet some lovely healthy clones.

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