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Discussion in 'General' started by punkdani17, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. alright im a smoker and free bud is pretty cool right well im also a girl and theres this old guy is buying me bud (*)and i mean he is old but im always with my guy friends when im with him but should i or should i not keep taking the bud and having any contact with him is out of the question
  2. I would suggest you just make it clear to him that no amount of free bud is going to entitle him to anything but non-physical gratitude.
  3. well don't let him think that he is gonna get anything by giving you some free weed, but if he feels like giving then let him.
  4. take it, maybe he's just a nice old guy that has lots of weed.
  5. act like your gonna sleep with him and kick him in the nuts:) take all his bud too.;)
  6. there is no such thing as free lunch. but his motives need not be all that sinister. as pointed out, he might just want some company. when you get older, it's hard to find new smokingbuddies.
  7. the thing is that he doesnt even smoke!!
  8. then i'd say it's sounds as suspicious as grown men handing out candy to young children in the park.
  9. shit, i wish i was a chick

    who cares what his motives are, hes giving you bud for free..

    just dont sleep with him, take your chronic, and eventually hell get the message on his own.
  10. if he is a real friend he wouldn't want you feeling uncomfortable,so when you 2 are all stoned, tell him straight forward, "i value our friendship and i feel awkward around you sometimes" then tell him you only have only plutonic feelings twords him [​IMG][​IMG]
  11. i agree with hydro, you should probably do it when he isnt high though, because if you do, it will bring him down fast, and if he paid for it, that aint cool. but aside from that just be straightforward because if you arent he might still think he has a chance in hell and you dont want to do that because then he will cling on to that thread of a possibility. just be honest, outright, and above all else, terse, dont make him dwell on it
  12. She said he doesn't smoke it...
  13. ..as i said...

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