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Chronic Pain What should I do?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by morgan33, Oct 10, 2022.

  1. Hey guys, I'm from Australia so the whole medical weed thing is pretty new here. I started CBD oil for chronic nerve and musculoskeletal pain (specifically on my face), however my psychiatrist thinks it may be making me "moody" (I have BPD and ASD). I've been off CBD for about a week and the pain has already doubled in intensity. Are there any other options/recommendations any of you can give me? I want to talk to my GP about THC but she may back off cos of the psychiatrist.
  2. No one here is qualified to suggest anything to you. Ask your doctor/psychiatrist. It would be reckless to give or listen to any medical advice on here.
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    Hi hon, I'm "Granny" a cannabis science nerd! To save me some typing introducing myself, this is me-
    Higher Profile: Granny Storm Crow, Grass Roots Advocate

    I worked in Special Ed with high functioning kids on the spectrum, and my mom was bipolar (I'm just "moody"), so I have an appreciation where you are coming from.

    I would tell that psychiatrist that the pain is making you depressed and anxious! CBD has a reputation for being calming and several studies have found it to be useful in ASD. Reviews are overviews and are (usually) easier to read than most studies.

    Cannabinoids for People with ASD: A Systematic Review of Published and Ongoing Studies. (Italy/ Spain) (full – 2020) Cannabinoids for People with ASD: A Systematic Review of Published and Ongoing Studies

    Autistic Adults Have a Higher Quality of Life with Medical Marijuana Says New Study (news 2022)
    Autistic Adults Have a Higher Quality of Life with Medical Marijuana Says New Study

    Why autistic people (including me) are self-medicating with cannabis (news – 2022) Why autistic people (including me) are self-medicating with cannabis

    The reports on bipolar are mixed, some folks had good resulds, others had mania made worse.

    Hope that helps

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  4. Thank you so much! This is very interesting! She said that it's probably interacting with my meds even though it shouldn't be :(
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  5. Hon, whose body is it? I think YOU are better qualified to judge what is going on with you than she is! The CBD was improving your quality of life (less pain)!

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  6. Thank you so much <3
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  7. Speaking from personal experience, no... We often can't tell how our mood has changed without someone telling us.

    OP, trust your professionals, not some unqualified lady on a weed forum.
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  8. Nowhere did OP state this. Rather than putting words in his mouth, keep it to yourself. I guarantee no jeopardizing anyone's mental health will be tolerated here.

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  9. Granny is THE SHIT!!! We love you granny!
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  10. I have degenerative Disc disease. Some of my Nerves are pinched. Besides Weed I use Gabapentin and Sulindac. Maybe your Doc can give you a Prescription, if they have that Stuff in Australia.
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  11. Cannabis actually has a surprisingly small list of things it interacts badly with. Your medical professionals will always take the official line and discourage Cannabis as it is not in their wheelhouse. They know nothing about it in general and are unqualified to give advice one way or the other. I'm constantly teaching my own Doctors what it can and can't do.

    In my own case I'd be addicted to opiates and still not getting full relief for the adhesions in my belly from three rounds of Colon surgery. It feels like a hand in my guts twisting and squeezing all the while trying to rip them out through my navel.

    Cannabis (high THC) turns that off like flipping a switch turns off the lights. Smoking turns it off for 90 minutes. Edibles keep it switched off for 24 hours.

    Cannabis is unpredictable in what it works on and what ratio of THC to CBD both works and the patient can tolerate. A bit of CBD moderates the THC high. The higher the CBD ratio gets the more it blocks the effects of the THC. You'll need to experiment with the various forms and see if you can dial in a strain or preparation that suits your needs.

    It is usually the THC that does the pain control but all to often the patient is to high and stoned past their comfort level at first. It is both a matter of finding a dose and learning to live being slightly stoned all day.

    Beware as some pains it can amplify and make you really miserable on like toothaches. Again your experimenting with an unpredictable but generally safe drug. Nobody has ever died from ingesting to much Cannabis. You will be in for one hell of a ride but you would survive it.

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  12. Thank you! I'm on pregablin (lyrica) and propanolol for my nerves as well as some other medications for other conditions. I am also going to get botox in my forehead and jaw to try relieve my migraines and trigeminal nerve pain. I was thinking about asking about high thc/only thc to help with the pain but idk.
  13. This is super interesting!! I also was told to go on opiates but my GP told me not to since I'm so young and it causes some severe side effects. I was thinking about asking for high THC but it's really difficult to get it here.
  14. Thank you, I'm going to see my GP today to talk about it :)
  15. Trigeminal neuralgia - Symptoms and causes
    My Father in Law suffered with this for most of his life.

    Medical Cannabis Products Available In Australia | honahlee
    It looks like you have far more access then I'd have guessed. In fact it looks like the sort of system California had when it first started and remnants of that system persist to this day.

    Low end doctors who no longer had Hospital privileges lets call them. Made a good living just writing Medical Cannabis " Prescriptions" AKA "Recommendations" and that got you into the door of a pot shop (Dispensary).

    Dig into that web site. Find a prescribing doctor near you and your half way home.

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  16. Thank you so much!! My GP is a prescriber and there is a bill processing that will allow us to have actual dedicated dispensaries soon.
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