what should i do..

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  1. i think it needs nitrogen but need another opinion... my nutes are 3 1 3 for veg.. 20190809_195159.jpg 20190809_195213.jpg

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  2. Super big for that five gallon... What's your medium, water/feed schedule?
  3. yes thats what i was thinking too.. i thought it was an autoflower.. seems like i have to water everyday because of the lack of soil i have.. what should i do dont wanna ruin it..

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  4. When the roots fill it that much sometimes requires multiple feedings per day, if you check out the auto flowers 16oz solo cup, you'll notice guys that end up having to feed 3 times a day, simply because there's not enough to go around with all this roots compacted. Root binding is also a concern. You have a couple options which will require more soil, re-pot in a 7-10 gallon container, or cut off the bottom being careful not to hit the roots and place it on top of another container with soil in it and let the roots grow into that, or you can cut the bottom off and place it into the ground itself, but you'll be needing to till the ground your putting it in so the roots can easily break through and grow, lastly you could dig the hole and fill it with good soil to repot it there with or without the bucket .
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  5. Because i wanted an answer and not a link people want answers not just links.. I thought that last thread was dead.. just seen that other reply now and its very helpful.. why does it bother you so much that i asked on another thread..

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  6. Because you are being lazy if you want to grow marijuana and won’t read a link.
    That bothers me.
  7. i did read that link you sent me and i also looked at other links before asking on here.. not being lazy at all.... asking questions its part of learning. i got more info from the other guys replys then i did from ur fucking link.. Thats why this site exists have you thought of that.. this is my first time asshole.. i doubt it "BOTHERED" other people..

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  8. Nice, good luck and have a terrific weekend :)
  9. Learning is a pro active process. Study study study

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