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    Okay basically my questions are
    1. is what you see in the pics (droopy leaves; some curving and tips going greenish yellow) due to over watering ?
    2. I've been growing this indoors for about 2 months now (maybe more) with Phlizon 600w always with just the VEG switch turned on 24/0 shcedule; what should i do different ? Should I flip the BLOOM switch ? or just change the schedule and if so to what 18/6 ?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Also I suppose its worth noting that it has been growing extremely slowly; it has been almost this size for about 2 weeks now; I've given it some nitrogen, calcium etc.
  3. oh and it started drooping like 2 days ago
  4. I would repot that, seems a bit funny there is a mushroom growing with it. Bad soil maybe, a bit over watered. But it may have outgrown the pot.
  5. if you're talking about the little round thing thats a nail that i put in the soil not a mushroom; but yeah I will probably repot it; thanks
  6. Funny, yes, but certainly not a sign of poor soil... perhaps quite the contrary.
    ‘We’ had this discussion about three days ago. Mushrooms grow all over my property... all the time.
    I mowed the lawn, yesterday, and saw three different kinds.
    Methinks the mushrooms look GREAT in there... nice enough environment... doesn’t have to be wet.
    (No doubt, I’m wrong)
  7. If you are reffering to this - its a metal nail for Fe and pH reasons not a mushroom

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  8. Pity.... it was ‘cuter’ as a mushroom.
  9. hm now i think it was the copper solution.. maybe it killed the roots ? because drooping began quite soon after that.
  10. I would suggest a repot as well, adding some perilite for drainage. Would also switch the light schedule to an 18/6, they aren’t seedlings anymore let them take a nap everyday. And as far as the nail; I’d invest in some ph up and down to handle that issue as opposed to introducing metal anything into your medium and her roots.
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  11. thanks for feedback; should i flip the "bloom" switch for flowering or leave it at veg ? or light both of them up ? or does it matter at all ?
  12. I could be wrong, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but it looks like it may be iron deficiency. Nitrogen deficiency usually shows an even paling/yellowing of the lower, older leaves. This seems to be happening to the top-most, newer leaves. The leaves don't seem to show signs of Calcium deficiency either. They don't necessarily look over-watered, but they do look borderline over-watered. Over-watering tends to make the iron deficiency worse. From the pics, it looks like the soil could use a lot more perlite, repot and less watering (it looks pretty soaked from here). 24/0 of light? Are they autos? Don't flip the switches to bloom just yet and don't change light schedules. They're already under stress, don't make it worse by making the lights more intense and changing light schedules. You never want to enter flower with a sick plant. That will jeopardize the final yield. How high above the canopy do you have those LED lights? What are the room temps and R.H.?
  13. Ty for feedback; lights are about 45-50cm (18-20 inches) from the top of the plant; yes its on 24/0 VEG and i will listen to your advice and just leave it like it is , repot it and fill it w perlite; thank you very much.
  14. oh and room temp is about 75f (24C) humidity is at around 55-62%(fluctuates)
  15. Lights, temps and R.H. seem fine. Just do what you said and watch your watering practices. Good luck.
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  16. in the end I found out that this was not what i thought it was. It was because i took em outside once in a while (direct sunlight) other plants died too
  17. Oh wow, that's one I never would've guessed lol. Sorry to hear about your other girls.
  18. seemed like a good idea :\ warm natural sun.. god damnit
  19. I had 3 girls 2 died but one survived ; I gave those 2 the same additives which most definetly messed up the soil (nutrient overload + soil went bluish? and never dried) I re potted the one in the pic; will update if things get better

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