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    Hi guys!
    I'm looking for a good vaporizer, I've searched around the internet but I've only find different sites that try to argue about the question. The point is very simple, I'm looking for a vaporizer that lasts (10/15 draws per .3 or something like that) and that guarantee a cloudy and tasty experience.
    I don't care about the design, I don't care about the kind (conduction/convection), and I don't care about battery duration.
    I've seen the Da Buddha and Boundless CF, both appears very good, but I can't read the main information.
    I need your help cause I need direct experience, I prefer to spend much money rather than "experience my own skin". I think much sites argue about some brands only for advertising, so thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Wich is better between Da Buddha, Boundless Cf and Airvape XS?
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    why suggest one that he didnt ask about?

    back when i chose my vape the buddha is the one I bought (today theres many new units maybe it'd be harder to decide). The buddha still sells. that thing has been around for almost twenty years rly maybe it was made around 2002 not sure i bought mine around 2010 still works 100% have not had to do any extensive maintenance beside cleaning 2 pieces of glass and screens, rinse the tubing once in a while.

    only time i almost broke mine is when i water bonged and water made it to the heating element. Some water was in the bottom and it started sparking inside the visible cavity. I unplugged opened it (easy only 4 normal screws) it dryed it well and it didnt spark again. glass could have cracked however, i was lucky probably not enough water on enough heat when it happened

    i never shop for vapes because i get what i wanted with this unit. The knob can be changed for anything you want, you can also remove the base and screw it on a table if you want a real stable unit, and a vaping furniture. and also the glass is customizable but overpriced on 7th floors sites/resellers
  3. AirVape XS is great but has short batterylife. Boundless CF would be your best bet out of this three devices - it produces great clouds and provides great efficiency. Price is great, too!
  4. Da Buddha. The CF or the AirVape can' compare when it comes to a tasty, cloudy experience. Of course, there are some of other vaporizers that fit that bill as well if not better, but between your three choices above, the Buddha that wins that round, without question.

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