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  1. I used to smoke for years, sometimes 2-3 weeks straight, but now its been over 2 months since I last smoked, I stopped cause my anxiety had gotten very bad and I am taking anxiety med now and I am feeling way better, but I still sometimes think how nice it was to just smoke abit and to relax... its like a part of me wants to smoke (especially now that my tolerance is so low) but other part of me says no because I have been without it already for so long... I have never in about 8 years of smoking had this long pause... so im also quite proud of myself, BUT through these years I have had so many beautiful experiences with it especially spiritual and perspective wise, also I have felt such beautiful emotions while using it (especially in nature) so it feels kind of hard to just drop it completely, I dont know... I am just quite tempted to call my dealer but I am also having doubts... what if it will bring my anxiety back ?
  2. I doubt it will bring back your anxiety, just smoke in moderation.
  3. Moderation is key. As always.
  4. Weed raises anxiety. Especially when you smoke way too much
  5. In addition to moderation, it helps to be really in tune with how your body and mind react to the ganj. Take stock of where you are at with each and every little hit, and go with your gut when you feel you're at a good level. One tends to lose themselves when smoking, leading to the sensation of 'ending up' extremely high, especially with bongs, and that's the only way to prevent it.

  6. Anxiety isn't something that just leaves you behind... I can digest from your long ass questions that you over think shit anyway, giving you decision making anxiety, which is common for many indecisive people. Weed relieves that anxiety by allowing you to forget the bullshit as you inhale the good shit. Good luck, neurotic one!
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  7. I have this purple strain put away and I love this strain. The high I get is so relaxing and peaceful compared to other strains. It taistes nice. Its a Smooth hit. Its almost perfect. I think about it throughout the day and i would love to come home for the day and smoke it everyday...but I saved it for semi special occasions and probably smoke it maybe once a.month. and its the best every time
    I guess what I'm.trying to say is to only.smoke for random special occasions...keep the smoking from.turning back into a rutean
  8. Nigga its Saturday toke up. Imma blaze after this gym sesh and play monopoly with my pops, he'll just be drinking. Maybe have 1 mixed drink or 2 beers to smooth your transition into highland

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