What should I do?

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  1. Seriously being rejected before a first date is sad man. I told her the truth about not wanting kids right now. She canceled our first date because she felt like she was coming down w something & rescheduled for this Saturday. Yet she hasn't called or text me in a couple of days even tho she said she was going to, at least call. Granted there is still a day or two left before Saturday. At this point I don't even know if we're still on for Saturday. I just feel so bummed that she won't even give me a chance. You have to progress to the serious stuff, you know?

    Do you think I should hit her up on Friday?

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  2. Hit her up right now, and tell her 'I dont want littlle turds running around'
  3. Send her a text - Hey just seeing how you are feeling, hope you are well.
  4. Tell her you thought twice about what you said and realize how stupid and short sighted you were.
    Slowly coax her into believing you are everything she wanted you to be, everything shes ever dreamed of.
    Then go on the first date.
    Keep going on dates with her until she gives it up
    Make sure you dont wear a condom
    After you have sex with her, slink away into the night after she falls asleep by your side
    She will potentially be pregnant
    And you will be back at home doing man stuff
    You both got what you wanted in the end.
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  6. Aw man, you can't talk about marriage, kids, or politics until wayyy later in the relationship lol.
  7. I know! Wtf?

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  8. best of luck man..i have been in the same boat..
  9. It's cool. She ended up calling but rescheduled for next week. 😜

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  10. If a good woman is going to let you inside of her, she has committed to the eventual prospect of having a kid by you. Don't fuck this up. Either be prepared for the responsibility or keep looking for a slut to fuck.
  11. sounds like you care way to much about her already she must be stunning! lol
    on to the next my friend if she isnt interested.. it wouldnt work anyway
  12. She is hot 😊

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