What should i do?

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  1. So ive been wit my girlfriend for about 4 months now, and things have been going pretty good, get sex daily and shit but we literally fought all last month. We've been at peace for a couple weeks now though, and we've literally been together almost everyday since we got together, and i literally have such little social life and most of the time i hang out with friends she comes along, ivetold her countless times i need space and whenever i try to tell her im not gonna see her today she either gets mad or starts crying or idk. What should i do? Should i break up with her? Should i keep going? I think i love her and she  loves me but it feels like im pissing my life away

  2. If it feels like you're pissing your life away it's probably time to move on..
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    "I think I love her" :confused:
    All this drama after only 4 months? Picture your life with her after a year or two. You are obviously not happy.
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  5. In that situation, I just set the boundaries by taking action. Obviously you like her except for this one major issue so maybe you can test this out. Next time you tell her your going out with your friends and she starts crying and whining just hang up the phone and do your thing. She isn't getting the hint by communication. Ignore her texts, her calls, etc. she will keep hounding you, but just ignore her. If she is still pissed and whining the next day then just say "I'm sorry but if this is the way you act when I spend time with my friends, then this is not going to work." Give her no choice but to accept that you will spend time with friends outside of the relationship. If she doesn't respect it, kick her ass to the curb because she is just controlling Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. Ill tell what to do tell her you need space and time for your friends/social life and if she wont let you be happy and respect your wishes it might be time to move on boss its been 4 months thats not very long at. And just so you know sex doesnt make you fall in love (even if its daily) or sluts wouldnt be sluts theyd all be married or in commited relationships but theyre not in fact hardly any are. But if you choose to give her the ultimatum dont go over board and never chill with her anymore. Shes smothering you for a reason she does care about you.
    Good luck girls are tricky

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