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What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by J4K3ST3R, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Well.... Todays sunday, and on tuesday i have my spanish 1 final exam... i chose to put spanish off until my senior year, so i made a deal with the counselor and they agreed to let me graduate with only one year of language. but ive been making 70's all year. my final average as of now is a 72. the exam is like 100 translation questions. What the fuck am i suposed to do?? Im sitting here smoking a bowl and watching the first fast and furious... i could get my word list and try and figure it out, but its not gonna help me the day of the test...
    thinking about writing some cheat material on my watch face somehow and maybe a little bag of tissues like you can buy for on the go. they work great for storing post it notes of answers:) but its Spanish and you cant really write the answers for the translation questions. id have to wtite what all the conjugation endings are and shit which i somewhat know

  2. Learning spanish takes time, if you don't keep up with it all year then its going to be very very difficult to do well on a final exam
    If you're gonna cheat, def make your conjugations a priority.
    If you've been making 70's all year then perhaps you aren't so bad off.  Thats good enough to pass and if you study hard the next couple days I don't see any reason you shouldn't do just as well.
    Good luck
  3. to be honest, i have no real intentions of learning Spanish. at least not in the formality that they expect me to. But i think as long as i get all the accents right, ill do alright... They annoy me
  4. When in doubt, get high.
  5. if anyone remembers this thread, the test was fucking easy and i got a 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:
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  7. I did the same thing and got a C- in spanish.  It fucking blows.

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