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  1. I've been thinking about getting a weedstar bong from grasscity for a while its only $120 and a lot like a syn I wanted. Not sure if anyone has any complaints about weedstar and if I should wait for a good sale on this site. Thanks here's a picture of it

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  2. I'm sure if you saved up for the syn it would hit better and last longer, but a far as performance goes I'm sure that will be nice.
  3. I feel the same way but $120 for the weedstar and $240 for the syn so I think my choice is made haha
  4. theres a reason weedstar is so cheap, its cheap garbage glass, one of the lowest quality brands on the market. while i dont have any syn tubes, i have heard good things about their tubes from a few people. i have never heard a single good word spoken about weedstar, aside from people with no experience with higher end glass with a weedstar as their only piece with nothing to compare it to.\

    prepare to realize you usually get what you paid for, and be disappointed if you buy anything from weedstar.

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