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What should I do

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bigdankkush, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. So this kid I know bought a G for me, (I gave him 20 and he got it). He got it last night, and He was perfectly able to give me it last night and all day today. He is continuously blowing me off, and it's annoying me. I also have a feeling it's not going to be full (he's gonna take some). What should I do? I can't get into his neighborhood, it's gated.
  2. right now I just keep sending him texts and he usually gives vague replies or doesn't reply. Example:

    Me: when will i get it
    Him: soon dude i'll call you
    (and he doesn't call)
  3. while you wait for his call get a scale
  4. He just took your 20 most likely. You should have rode with him to get it. Once you hand your money to someone and it leaves your sight, they are alot more likely to steal it. Alot of people learn this lesson when they lose alot more money than 20 bucks. Consider yourself lucky.

  5. he isn't robbing me cause i know where he lives and he knows my crew will fuck him up
  6. Is he a good friend of yours?

    And your "crew" will fuck him up? Whats up 15 year old wangster

  7. we're kinda good friends i guess
  8. [quote name='"bigdankkush"']

    we're kinda good friends i guess[/quote]

    Like do you hang out everyday? He might just be busy and cant get it to you right now. None of the people i call my friend would do that to me
  9. I bet he smoked it and is now trying to pick up some more

  10. um he was gonna hang out with me today then some other ***** called him and he's chilling with him but he's the type of person who would take a nug out and smoke it especially since he's broke
  11. This is why you buy your own bud. Lesson learned, just move on. It's 20 dollars. There's more important stuff in the world.

  12. ha dis be funny
  13. The next time you see him just bring it up and tell him you will never do anything that involves weed again. His loss.
  14. your crews gunna fuck him up over $20, straight up ballin.

    In all seriousness its probably gone consider yourself lucky it was only $20
  15. That'll teach em
  16. [quote name='"bigdankkush"']

    he isn't robbing me cause i know where he lives and he knows my crew will fuck him up[/quote]

    I laughed.. so hard..
  17. [​IMG]

  18. chapellesmiley.png
  19. This is what I would do: Do not text him do not call him just let this go for now. He obviously doesn't have the money or doesn't have the gram or doesn't want to give it to you or both.
    Infinite love and gratitude for the lesson that was learned. If he didn't do it this time he was going to do it some other time. You definitely won't forget this and won't be doing business with this guy ever again. Someone else said it's his loss.
    If he is a good guy once he has the $20 or a gram he will call you.
    This might not be what you wanted to hear it's just my two cents.

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