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What should I do?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DCIGS, Jan 4, 2013.

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    So I caught my 14-year-old cousin smoking weed in the backyard when I came home from work. We made eye contact he quickly put out his joint. What should I do knowing that I smoke weed too. Its awkward.
  2. I smoke wit my 14 year old cousin.. Its not a big deal in my family..cuz everybody smokes anyways..
  3. Really shouldn't be smoking that young.... unless you approve talk to him about it
  4. Make sure he smokes that good shit so he can be your back up plan
  5. Talk with him. Be understanding. Make sure he has his priorities straight. How old were you when you started toking? If he's responsible maybe be his connect so he don't get robbed, buys from school etc.
  6. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
  7. Alistair Crawley ..smh
  8. Not meaning to break the rules on talking about getting kids high, but I think if you didn't have a mature conversation about it you'd be a hypocrite to get mad. See how he handles his shit, if he's smart about it, maybe even give him a safe place to toke, huffing bowls behind cars isn't the thing you want him to be doing, right?
  9. Like every situation in the world, be straight up. Tell him not to believe all the bs but also tell him the downsides and especially the downsides of smoking that young.
  10. ask him if he wants to spark up wit you
  11. 14 is extremely young and I think we all now accept the effects on adolescent brain development. Have a talk with him and make sure his priorities are straight and that he's not smoking too much.
  12. Yeah I'm in kinda the same situation. I was driving my younger brother (a junior in HS) to get some new shoes a few days ago, and he just started telling me about how one of his friends rolled a stop sign and got pulled over with 30 grams but got out of it. I really didn't know how to react to that, I was just kinda like 'oh yeah, he woulda got in a lot of trouble if he got caught'. I love my brother to death and hate to admit it, but he's the epitome of a 'bad' pot-smoker. Isn't doing well in school, not-so-great family relationships, etc. I've tried telling him to get his shit together, but he'll just get all pissed off at me and say I'm just acting like my parents and I'm a hypocrite (he knows I smoke, not to what extent though). I smoked heavy as a junior in HS too so there's some basis for that statement, but even then I had my shit together and was doing good.

    I dunno man. Let me know if you come up with a solution haha
  13. I started smoking when I was 14 myself. I had the same situation with my older cousin except she was the one who first smoked with me lol. but we're cool about it, she used to get me bottles when i was like 16 aha. But she sat and had a talk with me the first time with the weed and told me not to get into other shit, explained booze a bit and then we started another conversation. Id have hated my older cousin to get mad at me for it.. besides we both know weed isnt bad.

    so basically theres 3 things you can do. tell him you dont want him to smoke, let him know about your smoking and smoke with him, or just tell him straight up you dont want to smoke with him until hes older

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