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Discussion in 'General' started by TanukE, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Aight So here's the situation: My older brother knows a grower who sells to him for $50 eighth and $100 quarter vs the normal $65 eighth and $140 quarter. Anyway I got caught smoking, nothing happened or is going to happen, but now my brother says that he won't "let" me buy for a month.. (last night he said two weeks) either way it's bullshit. so I called up my friend and she hooked me up with her dealer. Now my question is: Do I tell my brother to fuck himself and buy from this other guy?, or do I just wait it out and try to convince him to chill?
  2. just get the weed through your friend, and let your brother get over it.
  3. Just buy from the other person until things calm down. You just got caught. Growing is serious shit. He's just taking a completely acceptable precaution.

  4. he got caught smoking :smoking:

  5. I know. But it doesn't matter. If he got caught again worse case scenario it could get traced back to the grower. And then he would be getting jailtime.
  6. You got caught.... by the police??

  7. By my mom. I sweet talked my way out of punishment.
  8. 65 an eighth is way to expensive 50 is still kinda pricy find a new connect

  9. It's expensive out here in Hawaii. but it's mostly top shelf. no mids

  10. Settin up a pick up for tonight. What you said is what i was thinkin so I guess i'll just buy from this guy for a month.

  11. Not really. 60 is pretty much the average in the US. Even most top shelf in cali will cost you 60 an 8th. 50 for even no name dank is a pretty good deal in most places.
  12. I would just start going to your new connect until your brother lets you start going to the original guy again..and then even when he does that, go back and forth so that you dont lose the new guy..:smoke::smoke:

    then everyones happy

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