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What should i do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bradraz, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Ok, so i picked up a ounce of mids from my guy last week for 115, i weighed it out when i got home and it was 24 grams. He skimped me a few grams so i confronted him about it and he said he'd get me back when he reups a lot. Me and my friends want to get another ounce from this guy, but we're not sure if we should wait till he pays us back the 4 grams or not. Im going to weigh it out next time and if its not 28 im not getting it. Do you think i should wait to see if he pays me back, or just try to get it. He got robbed the other day and hes being fronted the weed, which is why he cant pay me back now.
  2. Just ask him to add in the stuff this time that he missed last time. He might even feel guilty and give you a deal :). That's what happened to my friend when he bought a quad from a guy.

    Edit: i just realized we have the same number of posts!
  3. Just remind him when you go pick up the next oz. He isnt sorry though, he knew that shit was short when he sold it to you. If he doesnt make it good next sack, find another dealer
  4. You contact him and say "32g fat for an ounce, same price, or I never buy again". He owes you 4g, so you better be getting that shit with your next pickup. If he says he will pay you the 4g another time, he is lying and has no intentions on it. He already managed to sell you guys an ounce that was missing more than an 8th, you lost all credibility as a buyer, and he IS going to take advantage of you.

    So, be firm, and show you aren't going to take his shit. You need to gain control in the power struggle now, because he has you guys by the balls, currently.
  5. Unless your 100% pos that he was robbed then thats one thing. Perssonally think he is feeding you a line of sh!t. Def wait til he pays you back. If you buy another he is gonna think it's okay to short you.
  6. Bullshit.
    Most dealers seem to HATE making things right, even if it was their fuck-up.
    Very common excuse that "I got robbed" bit.
    Wait six months and you'll see - He won't say another word about what he owes you unless you bring it up...that is, if you want to wait that long to prove a point.
    He stiffed you, probably on account of thinking you didn't have a scale...and now he's coming up with excuses that pardon him of correcting his mistake.
    The whole "because he's being fronted the weed" doesn't even make any sense anyways, robbed or not. He got weed, right?
    So he weighed it out, and out of the portion he got, 28 grams was meant to go to you, and you got 24. Which means he should still have the other 4.
    You're being fed a line - I know it's nice to believe when you want to, but, I'm pretty sure this guy is spitting lies.
    As for what to do about it, that's depending on how yourself and your friends feel about the matter.
  7. next thing is he'll call\ you asking to barrow re-up $$

    get your 4gs and loose his #
  8. happen to short him $80 dollars on your next o, fuck it then. delete his number, dont go back
  9. Fuck this kid, me and my friends were bored one night so we hit him up for 1 gram of dank, it was .9 im done wit him, i shouldn't of bought that g o well. his number got deleted and he just lost a great client idiot

  10. What happened to the 4gs. Did he give it to you with the 0.9? If not, you clearly decided to ignore all our advice.
  11. Tell him you want 32.3 gr's, approx. 1oz (28.3g) and + the 4grams he owes you:cool:
    'Dis busta ass niqqa(dealer)
  12. well i took your advice, but my friends didnt, i didnt buy it directly i just drove my friends there(my friends went in on the ounce with me). its all good though, i found a new connect, 100 dollars ounce of mids, always over. and he drives to me

  13. lol, I would still be pissed I got straight up jacked. At least threaten him a little :p

    And thumbs up for finding a new deal. not bad at all! :hello:
  14. i was texting him, i was like dude really, you shorted me and my boys after you owed us, fuck you im done with you, then hes being all innocent "dudee it was 1.3 on my scale blah blah blah"

  15. Then say "No, 4g's short. I'm done being played. Your move".
  16. Ya i shoulduve , but this kid was never gonna give in, he was bullshitting all along
  17. Ya know baseball bats are good for more than just hitting softballs during the summer ;) Jk, I been in a similar position to yours. Sometimes it's better just to cut your losses, like you did.
  18. Ya im just not gonna put myself in this position again, last time i was i ended up beating the shit outa the kid, took my money back, then got a lot of other people mad cause it was their money long story. Karmas a bitch he'll end up in jail by the time hes 20.
  19. Honestly man if your actually a dealer moving lots of weight to alot of peeps You prolly won't remember every move you make. I know I don't remember but about 4 custies out of about 60-70
  20. #20 Ali20, Apr 6, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 6, 2012
    You just moved on to another dealer? Dude he ripped you off of 4 grams, do you not know how much that is?

    I honestly don't like to hurt people but if my dealer did that I would call him saying I'm picking up and when he arrives beat the shit out of him if he by himself and in your case you have 2 other boys with you so even better, but you let him go, shouldn't have.

    If you're not into hurting him, hold him down and tell your other boys to take the weed he brought and whatever else is in the car, $40 is a lot of money man.

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