What should I do with this?

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  1. [quote name="blazZzer" post="19403163" timestamp="1390636963"]That's a sick wolf shit tho man. At least you still got that.[/quote] looking on the bright side - right sideSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. [quote name="King_Life" post="19404990" timestamp="1390676628"]You can try to use Teflon tape (cause its waterproof) and electrical tape over that to keep it tight, best way i found to ghetto rig shit. It fixed that bong multiple times but then it broke right under the coil and i was like fuck this ima buy a new piece[​IMG] 2013-06-10 23.13.14.jpg[​IMG] 2013-06-24 15.08.19.jpg[​IMG] 2013-06-24 20.10.24.jpg[​IMG] 2013-06-29 02.52.37.jpg[​IMG] 2013-06-30 14.01.19.jpg[/quote] that bong went through a lot lol Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. it is useless now
  4. Just throw it away, it's a $30 ash catcher which is more than it cost to fix. Plus the tape idea or glue is a ghetto looking way to fix your piece and is only temporary
  5. Literally the exact same thing happened to me awhile ago. Felt so bad! Unfortunately broken glass is broken glass.

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  6. I have like 3 ashcatchers exactly just like that, nothing you can do but go buy another 30$ ashcatcher.

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