what should i do with this plant?

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  1. hey there gc

    what do you guys think of this plant? its an original northern lights strain. its about 10-12 days old. 70watt cirular florecent, tomato soil.

    in the second pic, its hard to see (sorry, this pics were takin with my razor phone:mad:) but there are little tiny what apears to be new sets of leaves comming out of the nodes... what does this mean? is it normal?

    and yes, its just starting to get rootbound. ill be putting it outside soon.

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  2. the plant looks perfectly healthy. those leaves are normal...they'll turn into branches with beautiful bud.
  3. Yes at each nodel point there will be a stem with leaves and the appereance of sexual maturity when it is about a month old.
  4. so today i put it on 12/12 light cycle. i know, thats prob pointless... but this plant was not serious. its just a anxouness reliver untill i was able to get some hydro stuff shipped. it all should arive by later this week.

    i was orignaly going to kill it... but it turned out so damn healthy and is growing so fast that that would feel like murder. so maby do you guys think it is worth keeping it in 12/12 for a week will show some pre flowers to see if its female, therefor worth the effort of trying to find an outdoor spot for it??
  5. Ad keep it and where u live again? just if you put it outside in the uk it will die :( but go ahead and 12/12 that baby indoors!

    How old is it again 14days? from seed right? Impressive!!

    Seems very healthy though ;)
  6. dont forget to transplant!

  7. humm.. how big of a deal would it be if i didnt transplant? could it go another week?
  8. You can easily keep that thing in there for another 2 or 3 weeks. Itd be such a waste to just throw it away. Sex it out and either put it outside, or transplant it into a bigger pot and revert it back to veg. What I would do is, if its a female, transplant it, grow it inside until your guys next growing season, then put it outside and youll have a fucking monster.
  9. for a 14 day old plant its looking impressively good. Those new sets of leaves growing are normal, nothing to worry about there because soon those new sets of leaves will grow into beautiful fully formed branches and will grow some nice bud on them. and yeah like said above....deffinitely would want to transplant into a larger pot or outside....dependin on how much time you want to give it indoors you might want to put it into a larger pot then into the gound...all depending on the time tho of coarse, dont put it in a larger pot if ur goin to put it in the ground like tomorrow or something. But it should be good in the cup for a week or 2 more. Very healthy plant looks good

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  10. grow it out and clone it to populate your new hydro kit.
  11. Ya man damn grow It, It seems like to strong of a plant not to transplant to c what it can do, don't chop it, the MJ gods will stone u (cause thats what they do) if u don't take care of ur herb... No but seriouslly looks good, give it a chance... GL

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