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What should I do with my nug?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dubya7, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. So I'm gettin a half ounce tomorrow of some super chron but I think I would like to make something out of some, rather than smoke ALL of it. I was thinking about either tincture or some cannabutter, but if it were you, what would you do??
  2. Cannabutter, for its simplicity and ease. And you can make some damn good garlic bread with it. (;
  3. Maybe trying making some oils or budder for personal use, i enjoy smoking a nice strong concentrate
  4. Tinctures are the worst way to get high IME. Make some oil.
  5. half of your half oz (a quarter) ran multiple times could make you a decent amount of QWISO.
  6. if i were you... I would just smoke it or try to extract the kief from it and make hash or roll it.
  7. DankDude: What kind of oil?

    Lifted: Got any good personal QWISO making method/recipe?
  8. My connect makes butane honey oil and it tastes like lemonade. I need to learn how to make that, it was amazing. And he got a glass nail and dome for $40 but I could get one cheaper because I work at a head shop. But I think I would fuck it up somehow.

  9. Dabbing is the next big thing, and it gets you super baked, I would definitely get the nail if you can get the concentrates easily.
  10. I don't see why people wanna waste beautiful buds by chopping them up and turning them to pulp /: but to each his own. I guess that's how dank hash is made
  11. I'd smoke it all.
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  13. If only getting a half oz, I wouldn't bother, I know I personally would be disappointed with such a small yield of concentrate.
    If making concentrates you need larger amounts, especially if only using part of a half oz,
    My idea- smoke the nugs, and find someone to sell you some shake or trimmings for a hella good price and make concentrates out of that.
  14. bp4er: yeah that's kind of the consensus I have got...I guess I need to make friends with a grower!
  15. i say,
    A- smoke it up man

    B-cannabutter, or awesome cannaoil.

    C- BHO.


  16. Since it's only half an ounce just make sure to enjoy it with blunts or joints! I personally wouldn't bother with other ways of consumption unless i was getting more than an ounce for personal usage.
  17. Donate it to kids in Africa cause kids in Africa don't have dank

  18. This, or give it to Kony to make him chill-out a bit on the violence.
  19. if your not experienced with this kind of thing then best to not go and possibly waste some good bud...practice first with mids or something at least...
    until you are comfortable with a method.
  20. QWISO is kids games. If you want oil, make BHO.

    You're better off making cannabutter with a quarter. Edibles will get you ripped.

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