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What should I do with my keif?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jizzledfreq, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. I have the whole entire bottom compartment of my 4 piece grinder filled with keif, and I was wondering what I should do with it.

    I could add a little to the tops of my final bowls, and I thought about making edibles out of it. But would it even get me high (if I made edibles out of it)?
  2. It should get you high, considering the crystals are the most potent part of the plant. Don't expect to make a big batch, but throw all that crystal into a cookie or two and you shall be fucked.

    I just recently filled my grinder with crystal. I laid out a piece of tile and brushed every last bit onto it. Than I just scraped it into an easy to use jar with a snap lid, so I can scoop the crystal out at will.
  3. Yes kief can make some really potent edibles. You can do a lot with it tho, I usually top my bowls with it
  4. Give it to me.
  5. I love me some keif, picked up a keif box a few months ago, the amount I obtain is preposterous.
  6. If your set on edibles make some butter. But if it was me I would get a pollen press and make hash discs. You can find them on amazon for around 10$ some of the more expensive ones can go for 100$ but those are for ppl who are processing large amounts of herb. I find when it's pressed it's easier to store and transport and it seems to smoke better. Burns longer than just a keef hit from a bowl. Stay blazed my friend.
  7. Roll a kief joint.
  8. Noooooo... ^^^ your sweet keif would just get nuked up wayyyy to fast in a joint
  9. Save it to top off bowls when you have shitty weed.
  10. I made an entire party bowl of keif for my close friends and I and then used the rest to make some really potent canna-cheesecake. probably the best weekend we have had in a while.

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