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What should I do with 2 g's of ground stems?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by VivaLaWeed, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Theres a drought in my pipe and I have roughly 2 g's of ground up stems right here. Whats the best thing to do? Firecracker? Try to smoking it (have smoked stems before and got something from it......)? Also just cleaned out all my pieces. So no resin.Whats the best thing to do?
  2. what's your tolerance like? I've smoked a bowl full of stems before and got pretty high with a low tolerance haha..

    If not, just save them up until you have more and make edibles with em
  3. i normally smoke all day. but times are rough and i've been on reg mostly with the ocational golden treat here and there. Last good smoke was last week on some A-Train. Trainwrecks classy daughter. Smooth.
  4. stems are pretty useless unless you get a big wad of kief out of em :)
  5. so just grind the shit out of 'em til they're powder?
  6. I would make Kief or maybe an edible don't really know the potency on stems.
  7. grinder w/ kief catcher
  8. well i know that the finer it is the better it works for edibles so im gonna start grinding.
  9. and i guess i'll stay on here until something happens lol. wish me luck. these are some good stems too. Got some A-Train, Blue Dream, and God's Bud stems in the mix.

  10. It would have been better to not grind them.

    If you save up enough stems you can make QWISO out of them. Or maybe tea or something.

    Ground up... I don't know... you're not going to get much QWISO from 2gs of stems anyway, and the quality would probably suffer since they're already ground up.

    Save them whole next time, unless your plan is to just smoke ground up stems. :p
  11. Umm... Since you kinda destroyed the stems by grinding them into shake....
    I would just save them for perhaps edibles or toss them out...
    Or unless you want to smoke stems then go for it, but im confused on why you grinded them up.
  12. i ground them up cause I do it for firecrackers and smoking.....but I am interested in hash (QWISO) whats the smallest amount to use? Also, all the cooking and making cannibutter calls for ounces at a time. I buy mostly in q's and 1/8s. Any tips on cooking with that much?
  13. looks like i'll be smoking this btw. Standby, friends.
  14. Roll
    A blunt
  15. [​IMG]
  16. lol still grinding. gonna post a pick of how fine the stem kief is gonna be. And not looking forward to smoking a campfire but im feeling an adventure.

  17. I do not think that word means what you think it means. :p

    Kief is not finely ground weed/stems. Kief is the trichs. Yeah, you'll have a bit of kief in there, but for the most part you're just going to have finely ground stems. ;)
  18. my bad. I meant kief in a wishful way.

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  19. Here's what i'll be smoking. Stem Powder......wish i had some bud lol.

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  20. Killed it. So far it feels like....wait.....maybe something..yeah im getting high. Nothing extraordinary and i bet it lasts 10 mins. Gonna have to find some tomorrow lol this has gotten out of hand. Night all.

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