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What should I do/tips on determining if something is mid or loud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by IrishPirate, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. I've come into a bit of a conundrum. Let me explain.

    Most of my life I bought from the same people, who were actually pretty trustworthy. They always came through when I was in need, and if they couldn't get the full amount, they would give me the extra money back (I always had to front them). This went on for years until one day they gave me some stuff and I barely got anything from it.

    In retrospect, my tolerance was pretty high as I had been smoking pretty much 24/7 for at least a couple months straight by that point.

    I stopped hitting them up and eventually found a new person (after a looong sober spell) who always had some straight up bomb stuff, but they charge way more for it.

    In retrospect, this person's stuff was probably so bomb because I had no tolerance when I met them.

    I'd like to go back to my old connect, but I'm wary that they may have charged less because they were actually ripping me off the entire time, charging me for loud and delivering mid.

    So, what do you think? Was it a problem of tolerance, or was I just being a bit naive in assuming they were cool? Also, they periodically, over the months since I stopped getting from them, have hit me up to ask if I was in need. Is this normal, or am I just being paranoid in thinking they're up to no good?

    Thanks for your time in reading this, and I hope you can help me make a decision here.
  2. if it feels like your lungs are on fire ur smokin that fire. simple

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  3. What he said. If you can smell it from a distance, and it has a distinguished taste with minimal seed - it's certainly loud
  4. Fair enough. So what about how they periodically hit me up? Is that normal, or are they trying something shady? I hear CI's are a problem around here, so I'm paranoid about it.
  5. Dealers do that shit to get your attention... Daily I get texts
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  6. Stick with one person that does you good and that you can trust
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  7. much appreciated man, I think you guys helped out with my paranoid bullshit.
  8. when i was buying it woulda been cool as hell if the dude texted me if he was holding.

    just get yourself a pocket scale from harbor freight or online and weigh your bags if you think youre getting shorted. or ask the person to weigh it in front of you.
  9. Trust is hard to earn. Weed is not.
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  10. That's the kind of bud I get bro I'd say its fire if it has alot of crystals you can see, I live in the UK when i buy i ususlly smoke with my plug and he shows me what the quality is like if its not coverd in crystals i wont buy simple as:smoking::smoking: IMG-20170607-WA0018.jpeg
  11. the downside is you live in the UK
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  12. Vere good. Thangs for dipicture. Agreeed
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  13. Nothing wrong with the UK rather live here than a country that let's you buy a gun before you can legally buy alcohol lol
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    Yeah America is the greatest country in the world. Stole the idea of slavery from the Brits. Thanks, Ben!

  15. America is one of the most fucked up country's in the world lol, I've been to America 3 times the people there are weird af, its just a weird place in general you can go a Walmart and buy an AK-47 with your groceries looool
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  16. Yeah white power is the best.

  17. Lol bit racist isn't it?
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  18. Parliament is such a good example of why.

  19. Idc about politics bruh haha can think of a 1000 better than talking about rich people getting richer...
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  20. Then stop disagreeing like a fucking narc. I was on your side of the argument and you went and pulled a Hillary Clinton on us.

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