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  1. ok so i built a new grow box its about 1'6" long 1'8" wide and 3'6" deep... I mounted 2 120 mm exhaust fans at the top & cut a intake hole on the bottom...its approx. 3"x6".......( i also have an oscillating fan run inside the box) Temps are consistently 89-90 degrees (is this to hot) Theres 6 25w 6500k CFL running & i plan to add a 46w 6500k Brinks security CFL later today...check out pics & let me no what you think.....any thing im doing wrong?? or need to change??

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  2. I would try to get temps a lil lower, I think you wanna keep em around 85 or lower with 76-82 being a better range if possible (no idea how to actually do this with your setup)

    And the cfls put out most of their light from the sides so its better to have them sideways than to have the ends pointing down, but since you have reflective material it might not make too much of a difference
  3. thaks...does it make a difference that my intake hole is on the same side as my exhuaust? smh i was STONED building & planned to put it on the opposite side

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