what should i do next? new bf problems

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  1. this story is like on speed lol. looks long but really isnt. I PROMISE;):D

    so this is day 8! i met a guy 8 days ago at the grocery store.

    day 1 and 2: we've exchanged numbers. we're talking and texting. he is trying to get me to come over and have sex. i admit im attracted to him but i would rather take things slow.

    day 3: we hang out and smoke. he tries to have sex with me but doesnt succeed. i reiterate that i want to wait, he says hes ok with it,

    day 4:
    we hang out and hes really pushing the sex thing. yes i want to have sex, but i want to wait! i want to be a lady! i want us to have a chance for somethign more! i give in and have sex with him b/c i figure well its clear hes after one thing. so lets get it over with and move on.

    we have sex. we get dressed. his parents come home. i feel like a whore. didnt want 1st meeting with parents to be like that. we leave hang out elsewhere etc... later when dropping him off his parents invite me to stay for dinner!!!! i do and its awesome. so surprised :eek: dint think they ask the whore to stay for dinner lol...we have more sex

    day 5: hang out smoke have sex. he asks me to be his gf, i say yes.:p

    day 6: hang out :smoking: have sex

    day 7: just hanging out. no sex. no smoking... i find out hes still texting other girls, an trying to hook up with them :confused: i dont flip out. i just tell him that i wish he was honest about wanting to see others.
    he says he only wants to see me, and the text arent anything. give him time to get rid of the others. he doesnt want this to break us up he cares about me a lot.

    oh a funny part! when i met him at the grocery 8 days ago, one of the clerks asked me what my relationship to him was :rolleyes:. i thought it was weird and nosey, but im nice so i answered; i said a new friend. he asked not a new bf right? because i saw him trying to talk to another young lady :hide:#MERP but the other young lady blew him off

    what should i do next?
    honestly ive been single almost 2 yrs now. i recently ended a casual thing and i dont really know how to react.

    so basically, if i dump him? will i be overreacting? should i give him time to get rid of the others? technically we've only been official 2 days... so I want to be reasonable :confused_2:
  2. don't cling on to some blatant asshole just because you haven't had a relationship in two years
  3. Really?

    God some girls haha. He only wants you for sex, he's banging other chicks on the side, or atleast trying to. If you're smart you'll break up with him now
  4. Sounds like he might be trying to play you. You don't necessarily need to dump him yet, but if he keeps fooling around with other girls and is trying to "have is cake and eat it too" then you should probably cut him loose.
  5. Sounds like your classic quick paced 9th grade relationship. I'm a bi intrigued; I definitely need to be more social while shopping for frozen pizza and chocolate milk
  6. Are you for serious? He might be? Haha no he is, there's no doubt about it
  7. Some dudes have lots of female friends just like some girls have lots of guy friends. There is nothing wrong with that as long as nothing intimate/sexual is going on. That was the only reason I said he "might" fooling her. You don't actually know this dude and neither do I so neither of us can say with 100% certainty that he's trying to play her. Don't be such a white knight homie. :smoking:
  8. Congratulations. You were an easy score.

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  9. No white knight about it broseph

    If you had intentions of asking a girl out would you still be texting other girls to hook up? That's what this guy did. I never said he can't have friends that are girls, just that he can't ask to bang said friends while with a girl that he asked to be with :hello: :hippie: :bongin: :p
  10. Actually I lied he can do whatever he wants I was just trying to educate an obviously naive girl about what's goin on.
  11. Oh damn, I must've misread the story then. I didn't see the part where he was hitting them up to "hook up" with them. My apologies, HBGBUB she should definitely cut him loose then.
  12. No need to apologize my dude were stoners it happens :D
  13. now u get to find out if he is just hitting a few times then running...maybe his mom has all is whores over afterwards? lol

    hope it work out for whatever is best 4u
  14. Wait a minute u met 8 days ago.. Were dating on the 6th and the last 2 uve ALREADY had a moment where he broke your trust?

    This relationship is definitely going to work out for you.
  15. My advice, stay away from relationships for a little while until you can figure yourself out first.
  16. i think you giving it up after less than a week doesn't bode well for your future together .
  17. What you should do is never believe what someone says when you know the truth. Oh and leave him, then get tested to be safe.
  18. This isn't always true. I met my ex and we banged the first night and we were together almost 5 years.
  19. Guess Its not always true. But more often than not, rushing into sex ruins relationships.
  20. He only cares about the sex. Thats not a bf, you're better off just being friends and fucking. nothing wrong with that and you wont look like an idiot when he goes behind your back .

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