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  1. I wasn't sure where to post this. but I've been having girl troubles

    I was with this girl for almost a year. but we weren't officially dating. we were just together. I never treated her very well, but she put up with me for so long and didn't care about it. there were times when we were off and on, and it was all me just being dramatic about shit. I was never really good to her, and she was amazing to me. and I never realized it until I had lost her. around summer time we got into a big fight and we ended it. which was probably one of the worst decisions i've made. and then she started to hang out with this other guy. who was a cool guy. and so after arguing about everything i just said its either him or me. (which is almost the biggest asshole move you can make. DONT DO IT) and she picked him, which any person in their right mind would have done. but anyways.. he ended up being an asshole, and sort of broke up with him and now were both single. and I just completely shut her out of my life, partly because I was so mad, and partly because it was hurting so much. and she kept trying to make things better. and i kept just shutting her out. but now she transferred from her highschool to mine (because she moved) and so I'm forced to see her a lot. and all my friends really like her and are hanging out with her. but I really don't want to see her now... and so I don't know what I should do. should I just forget it all and just be friends with her? but on the other hand, I can't stand being around her, if im not actually with her. it just kills me... she is so perfect. and I don't know what to do.
    all I can do is just sit down and smoke a bowl. but what does that solve?
  2. Forgive and Forget.
  3. Seems pretty obvious all you have to do is realize your mistakes last time and put a little effort into thinking about anything that might be considered rude or mean before you say it.

    That, paired with a few nice moves on her shouldn't be too hard.

    I mean, if you really want her back and your not just jealous that your watching other people around what you feel like should be "yours"...
  4. I would suggest becoming friends with her, and forgetting the past. I hate to suggest to young people that they stay in relationships long term. You are in high school. You are supposed to be getting into relationships, experimenting, and breaking up. Its normal, its natural. But there is no reason you can't be friends :D

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