What should i do? grab a blunt or a brew?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sippin' codiene, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. GC, i gotta problem
    yesterday i got caught up riding VTA (public train) without a ticket, and those asshole security guards gave me a citation.... 3 days away from getting off probation! i was looking to smoke weed after my court date, but now this mother fucker had the guts to cite me 3 days before i get off just for riding one station.

    So im just wondering if i should grab a blunt or a brew to just get this stress out of me. any suggestions?
  2. Both...and the security guard's life!
  3. get tipsy...and tell your p.o. that you wernt riding the train, you were giving a bag to a friend or some shit and the train departed before you could get off. besides, drinkings bad.
  4. being on probabtion you should know better than anyone that you cannot misbehave like that. you cant blame them for doing their job and blame them for a problem you created.
  5. yeah i know i fucked up, i'll be the first one to say that

    but im just pissed at the way they handled the situation
  6. they folowed protocol and issued a citation. would you rather somebody lose their job rather than you get punished for your wrong doing

  7. While I take your point, the security guard didn't need to see anything, and no one would have been fired, if he was just a slightly more chill dude.
  8. i totally know what you mean but right now, im pissed the fuck off
    i dont need some random person to tell me that "i did a wrong doing" on the internet

    i'll admit it again, i fucked up and i only blame myself. but i dont need you to tell me that

    listen i've been on probation for 5 months and in that time i havent taken a puff of weed. dont be saying that the security guards did the right thing cause you have no clue what it feels like when your so close from being released.
  9. I think i could write a song off of the title...

    but IMO, a few of both :smoke:

    EDIT: oh dude, san jo! im kickin it in los gatos
  10. i just play tourist and pretend not to understand any of it and then just get off and leave

  11. I understand where you're coming from, but you being a marijuana smoker you're saying you like cops doing their job arresting you for .5 grams ruining your future if you're young? Because you got a drug charge lots of things you can't do or have anymore like be a pharmacist or get federal aid for college. I mean sometimes a law enforcer should just be a little more lax for certain things. They let traffic violations go by with a warning all the time.
  12. i never said they were right to do so but they were justified. cops do let weed slide every now and then in cases of small amounts, just to avoide the paperwork.

  13. You have some growing up to do. You have absolutely no right to be mad at all. You knew the possible consequences of your actions, now your on here acting like a two your old.

  14. Obviously you wouldn't like it, but you have no reason to be upset at cops for that ticket for the .5 you illegally had on you.
  15. agreed. sometimes i've handed the ticket inspector invalid tickets and they looked at them and smiled and just acted like i had a valid ticket. i'm always really nice to the train staff and i never cause a situation unlike heaps of drunks that catch my line. karma is sweet.

    in fact i saw a train staff dude at the pub and gave him a beer for letting me off without a valid ticket.

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