what should i do GC?

Discussion in 'General' started by jamesbongx420, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. ok GC heres the deal. me and a couple other guys at school smoked up one of our other friends for a solid 3--4 months cuz he ran out of money and hes a good dude (i smoked him up more than anyone else cuz i had the most money out of them). most of the time it was headies, but sometimes it was kb...never anything less. i really have no idea the weight amount of what i smoked him out on...i prolly bought a q a week so definitely more than an oz for him alone)

    he said multiple times that he would get me back with an oz of kb during the summer for free (cuz he has a summer job) and i agreed to that and kept smoking him up.

    well now its summer and its sort of seeming like hes not going to pay up. my question is how far am i justified in retaliating in this case? my plan is to wait a couple of weeks then if hes got nothing im gonna go slash his fucking tires. but im a reasonable man, and i would like some imput from this great community before i do anything retaliatory.

    by the way, the kid failed out freshman year so he wont be back next year so i cant just wait for next year. he lives in a town like an hour away from me, so i wouldnt mind driving to him to either pick up some bud or fuck up his shit, whatever it comes to. i know this kid has a gc account so i hope you read this you know who you are. :cool:
  2. I dunno dude...

    an ounce of KB for free is a bit steep for smoking someone up a few times...

    But uhh... kill him? /sarcasm. :rolleyes:
  3. no not a few times...it was a few times a day for like a few months.

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